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Turning the Odd Even
Anamika Sahu
Friday, April 4, 2014
Today, organizations around the world are noticing odious trends among their employees. They don't tend to stick to their organizations for long. HRs are mind stuck when seeing the curriculum vitae of candidates that does not show their existence in a company for more than a year or two. This largely cost organizations billions of dollars as well as time while they lose their trained and efficient employees too.
While interacting with HRs of some organizations of different sizes, I found that they are breaking the nutshell and evolving as a more meticulous and contemporary entity accessible to changing work culture needs. Today, work place is more than a table and chair. The modern workplace is a mix of combinations that play right for the organizations as well as the employees. It helps create an environment where work is no more a regular 9-6 job, rather a place of adventure, motivation and growth. This is eventually turning the odd even.

Not surprising to see employees wandering for benefits like flexiwork hours, BYOD, trainings for personal & professional growth, certifications, rewards & recognitions, appraisals and others. While these are common elements each employee looks for, security of employees - especially women - is one of the top concerns. We have been hearing a lot about female harassment, abuse and other acts over the years. This has infused a generous need for companies to establish a 'Anti Women Harassment Cell'. And not to surprise, we see companies irrespective of their sizes infusing these elements within their work culture. This has triggered the retention rate making a win-win situation for both the parties.

While companies are on a lookout for such people who stick with them for long, employees also wander in search of such companies who can help them grow. Understanding this need of the hour, product/services offerings, but have nicely crafted their work culture that really makes them the best places to work for.

Moreover, this issue, we bring to you the story of UST Global, an IT services company that breeds talent to make them the best in the industry. Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global, and Manu Gopinath, Global Head of Human Resources have taken the company par excellence through their niche focus on product development, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. With flowering opportunities and dynamic work culture, UST Global is definitely the dream company to work for any individual.

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Anamika Sahu
Managing Editor

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