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IceCream Labs Cool Work Environment for Innovation & Growth
Jisha Unni
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Most companies strongly believe in a notion that working in an unstructured environment can reduce the productivity of an individual. In fact, traditional systems are still plagued with this notion. Recently, most startups are awakening to the fact that confinement will not provide desired results. Creativity needs a calm mind and cannot be forcefully extracted. Emerging entrepreneurs are gaining this insight and are bereft of many complicated HR policies. Emerging as a potential player in digital advertising is a Bangalore based Startup Company IceCream Labs, where they have dared to break free from the traditional system.

The company was founded in 2013 by Madhu Konety and Rajaram Mallya. They are working on innovative technologies to solve some challenging market problems in the e-advertising space. The company's first product brandgenius, uses patent pending computer vision and machine learning technologies to deliver new contextual advertising on the web and mobile. IceCream Labs has partnered withleading global and regional media, to allow advertisers to reach 200 million plus consumers in India and is part of $100 plus billion global advertising market place. brandgenius platform delivers high RoI to brands & digital advertisers with their ads performing 100-200 percent better than industry average, resulting in high consumer engagement, brand recall and conversion.

Think Out - of - the - Box

Today colleges are producing a lot of engineering graduates but they are not employable as they lack the needed attitude. IceCream Labs look out for candidates who can blend with their typical startup ecosystem. "We look at individual's capability and attitude rather than their skills, which reflects their overall personality," says Madhu.Self-starters, innovative thinkers and people with passion for what they do, will perfectly fit the IceCream Labs work culture. These individuals hone to serve the customer with the best and latest advertising technology.

With limited HR policies, IceCream Labs provides flexible work hours. Recreational activities like movie nights,workshops, icecream day, and socials nourishes creative thinking and creates a collegial working environment. "With information available through Google, communities and online learning, discovering and building expertise in new areas through self-learning is now a reality and we actively fosters this mentoring and knowledge sharing," said Madhusudhan Aithal. Everyone has space to sprout their creativity and talent. The company strongly relies on self assessment to encourage employee responsibility and ownership. A big part of their culture is to provide space for making mistakes rather than wallow over them, people are encouraged to own up and move forward. "We are all humans and we all make mistakes, the point is not getting stuck but moving forward by cleaning up the mess and solving the real problems,"says Rajaram Mallya. "Its an exciting place to be as I form a crucial link between the media and technical teams to drive ad campaigns to success. The best thing about being part of IceCream Labs is the chance to work with a super cool team and interact with some of the most brilliant people in the industry," says Bhavana Venkatakrishna, who manage Ad-operations and campaigns.

"It gave me an opportunity to learn and write code which I never dreamt of. Working here is making me a better person everyday," says Akarsh S M, who is a part of the core engineering team.

"We have a great working atmosphere with freedom to implement our ideas.Everyday gets exciting and interesting with new things coming our way,' says Apoorva Bhakta who handles the Media and Operations.

These thoughtful words explain the reason why anybody would like to work in this out-of-the-box work culture of Icecream Labs.

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