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Appnomic Systems Extending Unique Approach to Simplify and Automate IT
si Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Businesses of all sizes and industries have to identify new ways to manage the enormous quantity of systems and applications powering our global economy. Adding to the complexity is the growing amount of security breaches and other regulations which are influencing enterprises. As a result, businesses are in need of cost-effective solutions that effectively simplify and automate IT.

Addressing this need is Appnomic Systems, which simplifies and automates IT by providing automated enterprise and cloud IT performance management solutions that help businesses migrate to, live, and thrive in enterprise data center, cloud and hybrid IT environments.

Led by D. Padmanabhan, MD & CEO, a recognized name in the highly active IT sector in India, the firm's solutions provide enterprise IT Application Operations (AppOps) and DevOps teams with the ability to prevent IT application performance incidents like downtime and slowness. Its technology also enables customers to gear up and down application responsiveness based on end-user experience and business goals.
Appnomic offers two complementary software products, the first is the company's flagship, award winning IT operations Analytics (ITOA)solution, AppsOne. AppsOne is the industry's first Application Behavior Learning (ABL) solution to leverage real-time application usage patterns in its three-dimensional performance management model. With AppsOne, IT organizations can focus on preventing IT application performance issues rather than chasing fixes and measuring mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

The second Appnomic solution is OpsOne, a dramatic step forward towards removing the barriers for enterprise-level IT performance automation (ITPA) and making automation sustainable over time. It is one of the unique software platform offerings that brings a change to the overall thought process in the ITPA arena. Starting from the Software as a Service (SaaS) model announced several years ago to the new enhancements released in OpsOne 5.0, OpsOne is breaking down the barriers to IT process automation and freeing up new levels of IT service quality, corporate compliance and cost efficiencies.
In addition to the AppsOne and OpsOne software products, Appnomic offers a technology-enabled Remote Infrastructure Managed Service (RIMS+) that provides enterprise grade data center and internal IT management outsourcing with automation and service improvement project (SIP) implementations. RIMS+ is differentiated by SLA-based service delivery that uses Appnomic's OpsOne automation software platform, AppsOne IT Operations Analytics software, and other client-requested tools and systems. Embracing "technology enablement," Appnomic provides quick and efficient resolution of IT incidents and requests, enabling important productivity benefits and lowering the total cost of IT operations.

Industry Leader Enables Exceptional Success
Appnomic has attracted customers from around the globe and top investors. The company specializes in serving businesses with high transaction volume operations ' such as banks, large online businesses, and manufacturers. Norwest Venture Partners, a top tier venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, California is the lead outside investor in the company.
A recent customer example is with long-term customer Cypress Semiconductor. Cypress has already automated multiple IT operations processes, improved revenue gains by hundreds of thousands of dollars per quarter, and reduced systems error rates by over 70 percent.
Finally, Appnomic plays an important role as an industry leader through participation in organizations like SIIA, ODCA, and the MSP Alliance. The company has won numerous awards this year including the Always On Global 250, the Always On Demand 100 and the SIIA Codie finalist award.

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