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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Enterprise Software
Zyrion Growth Unabated
si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
With over 100 live deployments, Zyrion, a firm providing Business Service Monitoring (BSM) software, is generating strong revenue and profits. Customers of the company include several leading US universities, a number of large manufacturers, and major governmental departments and federal accounts. “BSM is a small but rapidly growing segment of the network management area”, says Zyrion’s founder and CEO Vikas Aggarwal. Even though BSM is an emerging solution space, Zyrion’s tremendous growth has enabled it to make its way into the Si100 list.

Simply speaking, Zyrion builds the solution which helps enterprises prioritize the specific parts of the IT infrastructure that need to be addressed or improved to ensure continuous business operations. The company’s key target customers include mid-to-large enterprises. Zyrion’s target market consists of organizations that span sectors like communications, hospitality, gaming, manufacturing, and education. “Basically, any company with a relatively complex IT infrastructure would need our services,” says Aggarwal. While the big four — IBM, HP, BMC, CA — cater to the Fortune 1000 customers, Zyrion’s target market begins just below that. Such companies, says Aggarwal, cannot use solutions from the big four, as they are too cumbersome and too expensive to deploy and operate. Moreover, the architecture and technology of the dominant players are over 20 years old; they are only adapting these legacy products and attempting to reposition them in the present market, Aggarwal claims.

However, Sunnyvale, California based Zyrion’s business service container technology allows enterprises to more easily and effectively manage IT-enabled business processes and services. Zyrion’s flagship Traverse solution provides correlated, end-to-end network and server monitoring capabilities that link underlying applications and the IT infrastructure to business services. Traverse is based on technology being used by hundreds of large enterprises and datacenters across the world, within environments as large as 20,000 routers and servers.

Ask Aggarwal about the impact of the global recession on his company, and he says that Zyrion is too nimble and young to feel any major impact. Zyrion is happy that IT networks in many developing countries are exploding, and it will be interesting to look at how Zyrion can play a role in those regions, says Aggarwal.
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