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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Financial IT Services
Headstrong Poised to be the Financial Bellwether
si Team
Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Originally founded in 1981 as James Martin & Company, Headstrong is a global consultancy firm focused on domain-led solutions in vertical niches. Its philosophy is to achieve a level of thought leadership and business knowledge in each chosen domain that makes the IT solution look almost incidental. Once the domain becomes the center of focus, the span of services necessarily needs to be ‘total’ - from business strategy to functional consulting to application development to maintenance to business process outsourcing. This approach has enabled Headstrong to help its clients achieve measurable results and integrate their businesses with their customers, suppliers, and employees to improve enterprise value.

Headstrong has grown rapidly over the years. From its early days of pure business consultancy to its present focus on end to end solutions, the firm has come a long way. With a 25-year track record of proven results, the company’s client base includes many of the world’s most respected companies. Headquartered in North America, with delivery centers in India and the Philippines and offices across Europe and Asia-Pacific, Headstrong’s offerings are currently centered on the financial domains of 1) Derivatives, 2) Reference Data, 3) Asset and Wealth Management, 4) Prime Brokerage and Securities Financing, 5) Mortgages, and 6) Compliance and Risk Management.

A $75 million company in 2003, its model of specialization in the financial industry has yielded sustained year-on-year growth in earnings, profitability, and market recognition. The company recorded revenue of $180 million in 2008.

With a deep commitment to its focus on financial services, Headstrong is investing aggressively to extend its footprint in its chosen verticals. Constant innovation, building a strong and expert team, and having the most ambitious and forward looking leadership have all made the firm a natural choice for its customers.

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