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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Semiconductor
Sankalp Semiconductor Creating an Ecosystem for Analog & Mixed Signal Services & Solutions
si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Sankalp Semiconductor is an analog/mixed signal/RF semiconductor service provider that provides services to some of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. Sankalp was founded in 2005 by Vivek Pawar, who is also the CEO of the company, along with a team of industry experts. Sankalp’s mission is to create a world-class technology hub of mixed-signal semiconductor services and solutions . There are three key aspects by which the mission is being accomplished. First, work from second tier cities of India, which provides a balanced life-work environment allowing energy to be spent on deep technical issues. Second, attract proven technical leaders with entrepreneurial zeal to join Sankalp as partners, giving them complete freedom to define their own destiny. Third, work closely with some of the topmost colleges in the country by being physically close to the college campus – this takes care of scalability and forward looking ecosystem creation across diverse job domains. In recent years Sankalp has strengthened its position in the industry and employs 93 Sankalpites at multiple sites.

Sankalp Semiconductor holds a unique ability to tackle complex design/layout challenges by means of state-of-the-art methodology. “With the evolution of the System-on-Chip (SoC), new doors have opened for chip designers and we plan to tap this opportunity,” explains Pawar. Working on a complex area such as analog and mixed signal design means there should be checklists at each stage to ensure quality and avoid iterations due to errors. Methodologies are developed for the various stages of design/layout and reviews are conducted to ensure consistency of the output quality irrespective of the person doing the work. One of the key challenges for the Semiconductor Industry in India is to enable career growth for employees . While the top priority for every Sankalpite is to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction , company focuses a lot on internal structure to ensure employee satisfaction . A five percent attrition rate over four years highlights the point, and makes it uniquely placed for future scalability.

Today, Sankalp is engaged with some challenging chip design projects in analog and mixed signal space that include areas like ADC, DAC, Filter, DC-DC converter, LDO, IO cells, PLL and DLL. Engineers at Sankalp are focused on providing analog and mixed signal design service and solutions to IC manufacturers by using their expertise, innovative methodology and automation. Sankalp has executed projects in 180 nm to 45 nm process nodes and recently started working on 32 nm chips as well. Sankalp is in the process of adding Board design, Test and Characterization to its list of services.

Sankalp is steadily growing with three of its customers being world’s top 10 semiconductor companies and with addition of many more blue chip companies to its clientele. Last year it won the award for being one of the highest exporters from Karnataka. “With our training programs and strategies, we hope to distinguish ourselves as a scalable world-class technology provider with a proven edge in technical competency,” says Mrinal Das, VP of Engineering.
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