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X360 Micro: A Trusted Platform of Micro-Finance Connoisseurs

Kavitha G.
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Kavitha G.
Undeniably, automation has been considered as the new-age talisman, especially for the financial connoisseurs. From pens and books to software which are omnipresent today, banks are witnessing their dreams of cutting costs and achieving highest operational efficiency, seizing life. But, while marquee banking names are happily following this suite of acquiring the bigger piece in the cake, many co-operative banks are still a mile behind to come under the new normal's limelight. Thus, to propel those micro-banks to relish the delights of automated banking systems and rub shoulders with the pioneers of the industry, Y-Axis - an emerging IT solutions and banking & finance products company - kicked off a concept of 360° view revolutionary platform which is set to create a milestone in the banking industry with the name X360 Micro.

The proud venture of Conexxion Holdings, Y-Axis is a 2009 born entity which has been instrumental in proffering a perfect blend of 100 years of combined work experiences, pragmatic strategies and best minds and also has been successful in embracing over 100 customers across the continuum of banking, education and general HRMS sectors. Incepted as a banking services company, but now evolving to be a product company, Y-Axis is the outcome of the collective thoughts of experienced banking, finance and IT professionals. Spearheaded by the seasoned banker Dr. Vijesh R (Head - BFSI Vertical), the company has a track record of leaving no stone unturned in consistently providing cost effective solutions which are backed by constant research. Along with Y-Axis, Conexxion Holdings possesses the pride of another venture namely Conexxion Tech - a Singapore headquartered product development and IT solutions company, renowned for telecom consulting services, top-notch processes and delivery model.

X360 Micro - A Revolutionary Platform to Reckon On

Born to the eminent excellence of Y-Axis, X360 Micro is the brainchild of the brand X360 and is architected to upgrade the micro-finance institutions to IT along with well-established banks. Unveiled in the Global Exhibition on Services organized in Delhi, X360 Micro has already carved a niche of its own amongst 10 co-operative banks in India. Powered by well-tested and finely executed strategies, the platform stresses on making the tiresome processes of loan insurance, deposits (fixed and recurring), borrowings, insurance, daybook accounting entries, reports and year-end profit distribution that include thrift and dividend, simpler and hassle-free. Keeping customers at the helm of its every endeavor, X360 Micro is designed to help banks and financial institutions to enable the essence of transparency, reliability, quality service, easy access, integrity, satisfaction and confidence, and in turn luring them to enhance customer bonding. The systems of the platform which run smooth on clients' pockets also trigger easy-to-manage operations by positioning users in sync with the latest advancements. "X360 Micro has a better advantage over the locally developed software. Apart from other benefits, the product goes a mile further by giving a heads up before a particular loan goes delinquent," proclaims a proud Vijesh. The product is readily available in desktop versions and soon going to hit the market. By early 2016, the company is planning to launch browser based version as a Java platform, which targets international markets of Africa & APAC and by 2017, the product will be a comprehensive suite which will own complete automated process work-flow.

X360 CBS - A Window to the Hassle-Free Loan System

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