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Ranal Group: A Name to Recon on in Engineering Design Services

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Putting up a manufacturing unit, especially an automotive one is no joke as millions of dollars are on stake. And if it fails, consequences are sometimes too heavy to reap. But companies who partner with Ranal Group has no point in worrying about as this conglomerate specializes in providing engineering design services to automotive clients (over 180 till date) since the days when most of the designing companies were stuck with either paper design or converting them to digital. Ranal moved beyond this and focused on nurturing a design right from its conceptual level to providing the avant-garde design documents to its customers that can be manufactured by them, thus offering end-to-end engineering design services. The company earned a stellar reputation in the engineering designing industry since its days of inception in 1992 when technology like internet, email and others were inexistence in India. The founding team of Ranal is credited with establishing one of the first robotic simulation company in India called Deneb.

The success stories of Deneb spread like wildfire and caught the eyes of global 3D players. The company was acquired by Dassault Systemes in 1997. But by then, Ranal became the aficionado in bringing some of the first technological breakthroughs in India, namely: portable CMMs (1996) and Rapid prototyping (1997). The group is also crowned to bring in virtual reality labs, equipments and the software (1997), the discrete-event simulation (1994) and establish India's first end-to-end body shop design company Ranal Engieering (2000). Today, Ranal Group has branched out into four sister concerns including Ranal Engineering � a global outsourcing partner for engineering design services for automotive, aerospace and other industries, Ranal Inc, Ranal Software Solutions and Ranal Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

With deep focus on engineering design and digital manufacturing services, the group has emerges as brand to recon on. With specialization in Manufacturing Engineering, Virtual Prototyping and Digital manufacturing, Ranal simulate the entire complex manufacturing shop floors before these are actually built. One can walk around the shop floor in the virtual world and simulate various conditions like mission failure or production enhancement and then come out with optimized solutions for the customers. "We cater the automotive industry through our range of services, whether it is software or customized software or services. We are known as one of the quality supplier with lot of technical expertise to be able to design the complete automotive lines or heavy engineering or aerospace. Our objective is to introduce new technologies as and when it comes and we invest heavily on them," asserts Ramesh Chandra, Managing Director, Ranal India. The group caters to almost all the major OEMs of the world, either directly or through Tier suppliers from the countries like U.S., Europe including France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Africa, Brazil, Argentina and China.

Innovation as the DNA

Being in the forefront in bringing latest technologies to India, Ranal always faced the crunch of hiring talented individuals as techies weren't either aware or handy about the technology. Just as in the case of Deneb, Ranal struggled to get the first few employees who can bring this dream to reality. But as we all know, Ranal has been a core innovator and here as well their innovative mind found ways to get things done. "We put advertisements in all leading dailies. We wanted mechanical engineers who have excellent analytical skills, preferably the PhDs to be able to do the research and translate it into software. With good response coming in, we were finally able to incept Deneb here," reminisces Ramesh.

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