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Are We in the Process of Adapting a Universal Language called Emoji- Even in Business?

By Ram Menon, Founder and CEO of Avaamo
Friday, June 5, 2015
By Ram Menon, Founder and CEO of Avaamo
California headquartered Avaamo offers SaaS for the development and delivery of mobile applications for enterprises and all included services therein.

We are all now part of a digital generation. Some think that's a good thing while others might disagree. With the boom of text messaging, blogging, micro-blogging and social media, the current generation is evolving from communicating in 140 characters to actually thinking in 140 characters. It doesn't stop here, language evolves every day to suit communication needs in this digital age. Using an emoji to express an emotion instead of an entire sentence saves a lot of characters, doesn't it? Though a lot of critics would disagree and point out that it is the death of language, fact of the matter is that emoji has been incorporated into our everyday conversations.

Using an emoji or two to get your sentiment or sentence across is the norm now. They are pictographic and expressive icons that have cropped up in all messaging platforms. Also, with the dearth of available icons, most folks identify with a set of emoji and find it easier to express an emotion which might otherwise be hard. However, the irony is that this communication method existed in our eco-system way back in the BC era.

We use messaging apps in almost all walks of life now. When we think of the workplace, an instant message is slowly replacing email. Simply because of its real time feature and simplicity. Email will never die, but it might cease to be the primary mode to relate information. Are we really on a path to accepting a language with no words whatsoever? A language of emoji? Is it safe to say that business communication is also going through an emoji phase?

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