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whiteDigital.in: No Non-sense No Hype PPC Service Provider

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
Equipped with the weapon 'Internet', the business world is forcing every serious company to be on it. The one who isn't present there fails to register impression in a client's mind, and thus loses business. Frosting it up is the war to be on the top of clients' search results on the web and win a click from them to convert them into a customer. Serious Business! PPC (Pay Per Click) has emerged as a life saviour for such companies. But with great number of PPC service providers, most businesses find it difficult to zero-in the best among the rest. However, clients who worked with whiteDigital never looked beyond it. whiteDigital is among the nine agencies in India who were awarded for growth and excellence by Google, ISO 9001:2008 certified, a proud member of NASSCOM for four years now, BING certified and an Amazon partner for sponsored Ads.

This result oriented PPC campaign management company is an award winning Premier Google Agency Partner and Certified Amazon Sponsored Ad Agency offering services like Google Adwords, Google Adwords Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Amazon Product Ads & Retargeting with a number of other media partners. The company adapts a blue ocean strategy focusing on profitable keywords which are discovered through human intelligence with aid of unique tools. It works closely with Google adapting to the new trends and make use of the research data from Google. For instance, 15 percent new queries are performed every day. whiteDigital keenly watches the data and identifies new queries that are profitable to its clients before anyone does. It has improved the conversions significantly for all its clients and has a CRR (Client Retention Ratio) of over 85 percent.

Worth Every Penny

Currently, whiteDigital is offering free campaign evaluation to existing PPC accounts and free setup to new accounts. It offers a 'No Obligation' 30 minutes initial consultation to understand client needs and advise them accordingly. "This comes with no strings attached. We also offer the best rates starting Rs.6999/month for fixed plans," asserts Gunaseelan Nadar, Founder & CEO, whiteDigital.in. The company also offers percentage based charges depending on the volume as less as 5-8 percent maximum. Besides this, whiteDigital also extend flexible revenue model which provides both fixed pricing and variable pricing based on the Adspend.

Depending on the nature of business, whiteDigital finely creates PPC campaigns that ensures maximum RoI by implementing processes like right keywords, right targets, right locations & demographics, analyse and strategize based on search impression share and competitive metrics, keyword specific Ad Groups for Maximum Quality Score, Test and improve the Ad creative based on clicks & conversions, A/B testing of landing pages for higher conversion rates, bid management, device & location based optimization, negative keywords & keyword refinements, track impressions, and clicks & conversion and optimization of MAX RoI. Currently focusing on DSA (Dynamic Search Ads), the company compares the results with various Ad Networks. whiteDigital is developing an algorithm to identify profitable keywords across various search engines using the search query data.

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