Tune into the Clouds!

Varoon Rajani, CEO, BlazeClan Technoogies
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Varoon Rajani, CEO, BlazeClan Technoogies
Headquartered in Pune, BlazeCLan Technologies is a premier AWS cloud services company providing cloud consulting and managed services to businesses across a vast clientele.

To Cloud or Not To Cloud? - This was a question most of the enterprises confronted while embracing the cloud storm in the earlier years. This storm has unobjectionably altered these enterprises in lot many ways. In fact, when the cloud phenomenon took off, the big question that arose amongst many old-school organizations was 'Why to fix something that isn't broke?' With legacy applications forming a strong back bone of these organizations, they argued rightly that it would make more sense to run these traditional apps on a dedicated infrastructure than on a shared infrastructure.

With New Year kicking in, majority of these enterprises have already spent the last few years in understanding this cloud storm without being overwhelmed about it. They have made tremendous efforts in determining the 'what' of cloud computing: What is it? Why do we need it? What does it cost? and what not! Now in 2017, it is time to get the work done and shift from 'WHAT of cloud computing' to 'HOW of cloud computing'. Organizations need to begin trying to find out how they can build value in the cloud today.

Future & Beyond

It is an exciting time to watch the growth of public cloud. IDC predicts that the worldwide Public Cloud Services spending will be doubled by 2019. According to a study - Australia, Singapore and Malaysia are taking the lead, with the most cloud-friendly policies and laws. Another study suggests that Singapore, New Zealand and Australia will top the chart as compared to Germany, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (U.S.) in terms of cloud readiness. Well known investor from Shark tank - Robert Herjavec predicts that cloud will soon surpass the internet itself and will be bigger than it. Everything will be connected with everything and cloud will be the internet, or a significant part of it at least.

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