Tune into the Clouds!

Date:   Tuesday , January 31, 2017

Headquartered in Pune, BlazeCLan Technologies is a premier AWS cloud services company providing cloud consulting and managed services to businesses across a vast clientele.

To Cloud or Not To Cloud? - This was a question most of the enterprises confronted while embracing the cloud storm in the earlier years. This storm has unobjectionably altered these enterprises in lot many ways. In fact, when the cloud phenomenon took off, the big question that arose amongst many old-school organizations was \'Why to fix something that isn\'t broke?\' With legacy applications forming a strong back bone of these organizations, they argued rightly that it would make more sense to run these traditional apps on a dedicated infrastructure than on a shared infrastructure.

With New Year kicking in, majority of these enterprises have already spent the last few years in understanding this cloud storm without being overwhelmed about it. They have made tremendous efforts in determining the \'what\' of cloud computing: What is it? Why do we need it? What does it cost? and what not! Now in 2017, it is time to get the work done and shift from \'WHAT of cloud computing\' to \'HOW of cloud computing\'. Organizations need to begin trying to find out how they can build value in the cloud today.

Future & Beyond

It is an exciting time to watch the growth of public cloud. IDC predicts that the worldwide Public Cloud Services spending will be doubled by 2019. According to a study - Australia, Singapore and Malaysia are taking the lead, with the most cloud-friendly policies and laws. Another study suggests that Singapore, New Zealand and Australia will top the chart as compared to Germany, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (U.S.) in terms of cloud readiness. Well known investor from Shark tank - Robert Herjavec predicts that cloud will soon surpass the internet itself and will be bigger than it. Everything will be connected with everything and cloud will be the internet, or a significant part of it at least.

Growth of Fierce Competition

Research indicates that these organizations are settling in for either of the three IaaS providers - Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google. These providers have raced against each other to build a plethora of services on cloud along with a large technology partner network. In variety of ways, Amazon Web Services remains the king of the clouds, and is marching ahead like there is no competition - according to the latest Gartner research.

Being the Common Association

As a part of this move from WHAT to HOW of cloud computing, the only obvious solution is to partner with a cloud service provider who can play a pivotal role in this journey. Companies like ours can help organizations migrate and deploy their traditional applications as well as customer facing applications on to the cloud in this virtual era. Being a Premier partner of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and born in the cloud consulting company, we provide end to end cloud consulting and managed services.

The cloud providers comprehend the cloud adoption wave perfectly and ensure that their customers reap the common benefits - agility to business, reduced cost of operation, decreased time to market, and the scalability of their workloads while taking their unique path to the clouds.

When Moving to the Cloud, Expertise Matters

Organizations whether big or small, prefer a partner who can solve their problems before the red flag is raised. Partners that are guided by the following principles - zeal to commitment, laser focus in delivering customer success through innovative solutions, passion towards this technology, and excel in providing the best in class solutions for their customers.

By conducting a series of brainstorming workshops with relevant stakeholders, the certified solution architects can break down the complicated process into multiple achievable short sprints, evaluate an enterprise readiness to cloud and then architects a solution that\'s just the right fit for them. By leveraging their cloud cognizance and AWS best practices, the SAs can define a complete future state definition, including cloud architecture, tools & technologies, processes, total cost of ownership, and the managed services requirements.

The Cloud Changes Culture Too

As enterprises are moving to cloud, it is changing a whole lot more than just data. This shift to the cloud requires more than a change in pricing and deployment models; it requires a shift in company\'s culture too. It is positioning IT as an intrinsic part of company\'s growth strategy. With the right solution and under the guidance of a trusted partner, organizations are slowly and steadily realizing that this paradigm shift in technology can help in bridging the gap between their operations and IT teams.

Cloud is the New Normal

Cloud has revolutionized the way we can get access to computing powers, and it has just become the new normal. It is transforming the organization whether big, small and everything in between, and is becoming a part of the deep structure that forms the digital world.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, cloud service providers like BlazeClan have the right expertise, skillset and resources to help you move to the cloud and gain competitive edge.

Enough said, Cloud is here to stay; are you geared up?