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Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic: Unfurling Social Innovation into Cloud & Web Services

Anamika Sahu
Monday, February 6, 2017
Anamika Sahu
Despite the cutthroat competition between the cloud computing producers, Amazon Web Services has led the way blowing away the idea of cloud as the blank slate by introducing a rich bundle of services with slice, dice and store features. In September 2016, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (System Integration arm of Hitachi Group) collaborated with Amazon as an Advanced Consulting Partner – Reseller Channel Partner for Amazon Web Services. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is an End-to-end IT Services & Solutions provider, which provides cloud services and cloud management portfolio that gives enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud. The company headquartered out of Delhi, is equipped with full-fledged cloud facility and delivers resilient, data compliant, on-demand, real-time, high-capacity cloud services to all its customers for a wide variety of business projects. Coupling experience with pan India presence, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic have over 300 certified AWS infrastructure engineers spread across the globe making it an undisputable partner for SMEs.

Befitting Offerings

In this landscape, where companies are putting cloud first strategy before developing any new application, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic solutions act as a boon for SMEs in accelerating their cloud migration. With companies leaning towards big data analytics and IoT as the USP aid of the infrastructure, company's data warehousing and BI tools enable companies to develop cloud and analytics reports with auto scheduling features. "With all the digitization happening, we believe Big Data and IoT as the next big revolution. We see people moving towards office productivity application on cloud, mobile initiatives, big data analytics and IoT. We are committed to helping our customers in their cloud journey through our world-class consulting, configuration, deployment and management services," asserts Soumay Seth, VP, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic. The company has done a number of Oracle and SAP deployments giving Oracle on cloud and market steps towards SAP Hana which is also deployed on the AWS infrastructure. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has partnered with companies like Setmicro, Akamai, and F5 to develop software which can help companies manage and monitor processes, ensuring ultimate cloud security for the customers.

The company's managed services ensure cloud IT infrastructure deployments in an effective manner with improved user experience. "The major problem we see in today's market is the lack of technical explicitness in terms of public cloud infrastructure. Therefore, we give 24x7 customer support and enable customers to focus on the core business rather than managing AWS infrastructure," asserts Soumay. To facilitate business process automation for clients, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has a dedicated 15-member team for end-to-end development operations. The team builds, deploys and processes the applications and is available for clients at flexible hiring models on hourly, monthly or contract basis.

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