Make Business Communication Smart, Easy, Interactive & Trackable with A2P Messaging & Cloud Telephony

Ajay Kumar Gupta, Co-Founder & Business Head, MOBtexting
Monday, January 30, 2017
Ajay Kumar Gupta, Co-Founder & Business Head, MOBtexting
Headquartered in Bengaluru, MOBtexting is one of the fastest growing provider of cloud telephony & A2P bulk SMS services that enable organizations to send messages securely to a large number of mobile devices across multiple global mobile networks.

There are diverse ways businesses have adopted to reach their customers and communicate with them. However, 79 percent of businesses speculate customers need SMS or voice support. Today, more than 80 percent of entrepreneurs are using messaging and voice platform to interact with their customers.

To reach to the top, business tycoons are taking advantage of advanced technologies as the base they would use to boost themselves more and more. It is a fact that the decision to espouse a certain technological product could create all the variation between staying ahead in a competition or lagging behind.

To provide a great life and wealth to your business communication, you have to go the extra mile. To get long-term success for any kind of business, you need to focus on customer communication. Initially, effective and interactive business communication allows your product or service to meet the customer demands. Sometimes you must be thinking and observing that even if you are communicating with your customers, they are not gratified, or you are impotent to meet their needs.

In order to create a good customer relationship, you have to do something more and in a better way. This is when companies like MOBtexting come into the picture to exemplify your business in front of your audience. These companies offer messaging, voice & cloud telephony platforms for a smart business to customer communication. The A2P Messaging Platform (SMS Gateway) assists enterprises to send messages securely to all mobile devices across complexity and data types. The Voice & Cloud Telephony platforms offer immense flexibility in creating & deploying excellent voice solutions without any infrastructure or process change, thus providing a voice to your business.

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