Make Business Communication Smart, Easy, Interactive & Trackable with A2P Messaging & Cloud Telephony

Date:   Monday , January 30, 2017

Headquartered in Bengaluru, MOBtexting is one of the fastest growing provider of cloud telephony & A2P bulk SMS services that enable organizations to send messages securely to a large number of mobile devices across multiple global mobile networks.

There are diverse ways businesses have adopted to reach their customers and communicate with them. However, 79 percent of businesses speculate customers need SMS or voice support. Today, more than 80 percent of entrepreneurs are using messaging and voice platform to interact with their customers.

To reach to the top, business tycoons are taking advantage of advanced technologies as the base they would use to boost themselves more and more. It is a fact that the decision to espouse a certain technological product could create all the variation between staying ahead in a competition or lagging behind.

To provide a great life and wealth to your business communication, you have to go the extra mile. To get long-term success for any kind of business, you need to focus on customer communication. Initially, effective and interactive business communication allows your product or service to meet the customer demands. Sometimes you must be thinking and observing that even if you are communicating with your customers, they are not gratified, or you are impotent to meet their needs.

In order to create a good customer relationship, you have to do something more and in a better way. This is when companies like MOBtexting come into the picture to exemplify your business in front of your audience. These companies offer messaging, voice & cloud telephony platforms for a smart business to customer communication. The A2P Messaging Platform (SMS Gateway) assists enterprises to send messages securely to all mobile devices across complexity and data types. The Voice & Cloud Telephony platforms offer immense flexibility in creating & deploying excellent voice solutions without any infrastructure or process change, thus providing a voice to your business.

Ameliorate Business Communication Through Cloud Telephony

Briefly, with the use of cloud telephony, you donít have to tackle telephony dialects Ė idea of how it works apart from what your aim, or what you want your telephone should to for you! It is quite simple for every person to go through all the functionalities of a telephone, like to make and receive calls, disconnect calls, send & receive messages, making a conference, play audio, and much more. With the use of cloud telephony, all these functions of a telephone can be installed in a computer application to use it in an automatic and advanced manner for any purpose, especially to provide a better customer experience.

Cloud telephony is required to manage incoming & outgoing call over cloud. Any business can integrate these solutions with their existing software or CRM systems without integrating any physical infrastructure. Cloud telephony can also extend with respect to your developing business to manage more customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Rejuvenate Your Business Calling

Using cloud telephony platform, one can imagine getting an innovative and smart telephony application with Hosted IVR that will handle real world issues. Through hosted IVR, a business can easily respond to any customer queries after productivity hours or in the absence of the on-site receptionist. This rejuvenates the business calling procedure.

Hosted IVR will communicate without any manual interface like receiving the call, the request to dial extension numbers, giving a welcome message, call transfer, conferencecalls, and many others.

Hosted IVR has valuable features like auto reply via SMS or calls, user-friendly interface, self-management of the system, multi-agents log in, customer sender ID for the auto reply, real-time notification, sticky agents, custom IVR, multilevel routing, less setup time, call recording, API integration, and much more.

A2P Messaging For Business Communication:

SMS marketing has been gaining popularity because it\'s open rate is 99 percent, whereas open rates for emails is only 2-36 percent. Not only this, more than 90 percent of people read an SMS within the initial three minutes of receiving it.

With all business scenarios shifting at a quick pace, itís of the utmost importance that businesses in this world have an interactive platform that can navigate those changes. It can be omnipresent of messaging, security, reliability or cost-effectiveness. Messaging is an important choice for marketing.

Text messaging is considered and given the first preference by entrepreneurs in various business sectors to communicate with customers. This method of connecting with targeted customers through an application is elevating. What are the reasons behind the success of A2P messaging? Simply, messaging is the secure, omnipresent, reliable, cost-effective and immediate platform for the business communication process.

Messaging is robust, secure and flexible with all advanced features needed to get your SMS marketing live without any trouble. Through the messaging platform, you can run SMS campaigns to promote your products or service to target customers in one click, integrate with your application for automated messaging through HTTP & XML API, track marketing medium, run contests, collect feedbacks, generate leads and do many more things.

The flourishing Indian market has fascinated and talented business players to set their outlets. The businesses want to introspect the service aspects before sales and after sales. So, this communication process has been streamlined by MOBtexting using A2P messaging and voice telephony platform that helps to solve many loopholes. The product contains inbuilt mechanisms for a smart, effective and interactive business communication.