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Transitioning to Chief Innovation Officer

Jag Randhawa
VP/CIO-CAMICO Mutual Insurance
Friday, November 6, 2015
Jag Randhawa
There has never been a better time to be a Chief Information Officer (CIO).Technology has matured from back office automation to becoming an integral part of most company's product offerings.

Leveraging technology to grow the business is becoming an increasingly popular topic at the Board of Directors meetings.Savvy CEOs and directors know the value that technology adds to building a better business, improving operations, increasing customer satisfaction, and building competitive advantages. With so many eyes on technology, we are finally reaching an inflection point where technology and CIOs are getting the attention they deserve. But the key question remains: are CIOs leveraging this golden opportunity?

I have seen a really positive shift in importance of information technology and the need for strategic technology leaders. Companies are looking for ways to leverage technology to create competitive advantages. CEOs and board members expect their technology leaders to introduce new technologies and innovations that help them create competitive advantages for the business. It is now time for CIOs to shift gears from operations to innovation, and to replace that age old information with innovation in the CIO title.

I know that CIOs are often fighting fires. The number of projects CIOs work on at any given point in time does not leave much room for any additional responsibilities. But if you want to up your game and increase the strategic value of the CIO role, you have no choice but to put on the Chief Innovation Officer hat. Don't worry;this article will help you get started and ease the pain of uncertainty. I will give you a proven formula to jump-start your innovation efforts. I will show you how to start a grassroots innovation program and grow it.

Strategic Focus

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