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Capitalizing on Big Data: Driving Operational Improvement with Advanced Analytics

Ankur Gupta, GM, Co-authored by Ankit Saxena and Rajitha BM
Hadoop Team-MetaScale
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Ankur Gupta, GM, Co-authored by Ankit Saxena and Rajitha BM
Data is a powerful asset that successful organizations use to gain new business insights and improve operations with less time and lower investment.

To effectively gain value from data, manufacturing organizations need to develop strategies to optimize existing data and collect more data from multiple sources. However, increasing data volumes from the Internet of Things (IoT) poses challenges for manufacturers that lack the systems and skills to manage and analyze large, disparate data sets.

Open source big data technologies such as Hadoop provides a scalable enterprise data management and analytics platform for driving operational improvement with advanced analytics.

The Need for Closed Loop Feedback Systems
Industries operate based on cohesive, interactive information. For example, production depends on demand and inventory, and is supported by supply chain systems for seamless performance. Manufacturing industries, in particular, require these production processes to align properly for business to gain meaningful insights.
Machine maintenance is a vital component for production that requires constant attention to control overhead costs. As technology advancements translate to better automated machines and infrastructure, equipment management and monitoring at department and industry levels need to take priority.

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