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The Big for the next Half Decade

Jitendra Mishra
General Manager - IT-Elder Pharmaceuticals
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Jitendra Mishra
Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BSE: 532322, NSE: ELDERPHARM) is a Rs.1,300 Crore company that has its presence highlighted across the domestic pharmaceutical chain from in-house manufacturing and other areas which is backed by an intensive R&D division at Nerul.

Some of the biggest advances in the history of technology make it today's ever more technology-centric world; the stodgy IT department is not considered the home of innovation and business their way into the front lines of service delivery.

If we project current IT trends forward, what will the outcome be? Is there going to be a final fork in the road for consumer and enterprise technology, with each side looking at each other through a diverging pair of windows, with minimal crossover between the two? Or will the two worlds continue to blur together, as technology cross-pollinates from the growing wall of innovation coming from the Web and consumer technology world? Given the virility and pervasiveness of consumer technology, the latter is by far the most likely scenario.

In my view the biggest technology influences of the next half decade will include next-gen mobility, social media (or more specifically social business), cloud computing, consumerization, and big data. These five, of all current tech trends are at top of the list for what most organizations need to be planning for in their current strategies and roadmaps as they update and modernize, as well as (hopefully) out-innovate their competitors.
Here's an exploration of the top five IT trends in the next half decade, including some of the latest industry data, and what the major opportunities and challenges are.

The Top 5 Technology Trends :

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