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Finding the Right Technology Partners, Architectures and Solutions is the Key

Alexander Pasik
Staff Executive, IT & CIO-IEEE
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Alexander Pasik
IEEE is a nonprofit organization that works towards fostering technological innovation for the benefit of humanity. A professional association headquartered in New York, it has over 400,000 members across 160 countries, the firm provides services, conducts conferences, and contributes to important developments in technology and engineering.
Alexander Pasik, Staff Executive, IT and CIO, IEEE is a known name in the industry circles. He discusses with SiliconIndia the future of SaaS, the evolving role of a CIO and the hurdles in the path of IEEE. Excerpts from the interview

Priorities as a CIO:

IEEE provides technology-enabled services to over three million customers, the majority of the technology infrastructure and applications that I am responsible for are customer-facing products and services. Customers interact with IEEE as members of various societies; conference organizers, presenters, and attendees; authors, reviewers, and readers of scholarly journals; educators and students; and producers and consumers of standards. All of these are information businesses that rely heavily on the leveraging of existing and emerging technologies. As the CIO, I need not only lead the efforts to define, design, develop, deploy, deliver, and then decommission all of the technologies used by our stakeholders, but also I need to set our technology strategy for the future by accurately predicting trends in the IT industry. I also take care of the technology infrastructure and applications that are used throughout the business to support business processes.

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