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Technijian: Trailblazer in the Private Cloud

si Team
Thursday, June 2, 2016
si Team
Various companies wage code brawls or Hackathons as a fun yet productive means to stimulate the minds of employees in their campus. It's a tug of war between employees parsing codes, like fashion mavens parse their fabrics. Ravi Jain, the CEO of Technijian, has conjured a spin-off of these code fests in his IT company. "Instead of competing against each other, I challenge my engineers to solve a client problem faster than me," says Mr. Jain in a voice echoing with pride and responsibility. Keeping the whole ballgame simple, Mr. Jain adds, "If they are taking more time to complete the task, it means they need to do their homework." Such challenges hosted by Mr. Jain helps him keep his workforce at the frontline of cloud era. "The bigger the knowledge curve in the cloud space, the stronger the bridge we can build between the public and local cloud", adds Mr. Jain on his company's mission. As a cloud integrator, Technijian has developed a solution that provides clients with the benefits of both public and local cloud.

The faceoff between public and local cloud has bewildered the business world for so long. It's like a Democratic and Republican Party showdown; throwing their promises and sweating to prove their competence in managing the system. Public cloud allows organizations to transform their capital expenditures into operating expenditures. "So now you don't have to invest money upfront, which can be used for R&D, sales or for driving business value," says Mr. Jain. "But on the flip side, it becomes difficult to pull the information out from the public cloud." This is where the pendulum swings back to the local cloud, which offers full control over the data by giving users their own version of applications. Local cloud is a robust option for companies rolling their dice in a compliant environment, but it falls short when it comes to managing large projects and keeping the cost marginal.

Finding the Common Ground

Technijian has found a common ground between the public and local cloud; made from the fabric of software defined network (SDN) technology, SDN provides the layer of security over the private cloud, to liberate IT teams from the "panic attacks". Technijian's private computing solution, My Cloud, a cloud integration platform, assists clients as per their priorities with a reliable level of support. "Any organization, big or small, can use our services, our infrastructure, Google and Office 365 applications, and more to leverage the cloud computing package that meet their needs," says Mr. Jain. My Cloud covers a wide range of services from virtual private server hosting, email encryption services, secure fax services for regulatory compliance clients to disaster recovery and on-premise image based back-ups. In addition to these, the private cloud platform offers a complete network in the cloud with VPS services and virtual offices for mobile clients.

My Cloud is known for its flexibility and scalability. In the world of web 2.0 dominated by "everything-as-a-service", we are building web 3.0 thorough My Cloud. "Some customers want just hosting and some performance monitoring to enhance their client experience quotient. Whereas, some users demand content delivery network along with performance monitoring and web hosting together," explains Mr. Jain about the variance in the cloud market. "We tailor the cloud platform with traits that meet the requirements of our clients," adds Mr. Jain.

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