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Neeraj Verma
IT Director-Platform and Analytics-NCR Corporation
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Neeraj Verma
Cloud on Top
Virtualization and cloud-computing are trends that are top of mind for us both in our internal applications as well as those we go to market with. We are working to take advantage of both to allow us to concentrate on our specific capabilities as a company and to reduce spend on commodity capabilities like administration and backups.
We are also investing in NoSQL and big data technologies such as Hadoop. These technologies will provide us with the predictive and business intelligence capabilities that are needed to be a fast and agile business.

Effective Data Management
The largest challenge for us is managing the growth of database in our datacenters. We are seeing more than 30 percent growth in storage required for these on premise databases. With big data and analytics, we expect even more growth year-over-year. We are diligently working to identify tools and processes to archive and compress data and to better manage test databases.

As we continue to drive towards an agile and a self-provisioning model, we have to be more costconscious with regards to allocating tiered storage and managing our automated test environments. This will be achieved by utilizing new technologies such as Docker, Chef and ServiceNow, in conjunction with VMWare for self-provisioning.

Workforce in Tune with Technology

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