Successful Outsourcing Relationship

Amiya Chakraborty, AVP – Business Development, iResearch Services
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Amiya Chakraborty, AVP – Business Development, iResearch Services
In the last few years it has become very common to rely on outsourcing for various jobs and activities. This is due to various factors, for example, cost, right skills, operational efficiencies and many more. Outsourcing helps companies to perform more as they can outsource anything that has shortage of skills and expertise in-house. This helps them to compete with their competitors.

However, even if any company is outsourcing their work for years, they can anytime think of taking it back and doing it in-house. There are various factors involving companies who decide to do everything in-house.

Easy availability of Research tools: There are more than 50 applications available for online research.

Data Security: Some companies may think of not working with vendors, who work with other companies as well. They might think that their data is more secure in-house.

Responsiveness: Every company works under pressure from their clients to deliver data more quickly. Companies can think of doing it in-house as it would be more approachable, reliable and less time consuming. To avoid scenarios where your client would think of moving it in-house, you have to work more efficiently and effectively. You have to work on various points to improve your relationship, thus resulting in long term relations.

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