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SmartDV Technologies: For Faster, Quality-Rich& Cost-Effective Verification IPs

si Team
Monday, December 14, 2015
si Team
From an individual IP block to complex SoC model, the successful design of any application relies on the right verification. But, how can one make the'right' verification process really right? This is where Verification IPs step in. Countering all the skepticisms left unanswered by the traditional engineering systems, Verification IPs provide more detailed scrutiny into a design process and backs the semiconductor companies in efficiently alleviating the time-to-market and design quality intricacies.However, it is also claimed that the general engineering time taken to write a Verification IP devours few years of a developer, while the increasing complexity of the chip designs and rapid surge in the new protocols and interfaces make the process much more challenging. But, this Verification IP enabler named SmartDV Technologies, has been instrumental in tracing the road less-travelled and provides industry standard design, high quality and custom protocol verification IP products which are said to be 2-4 times faster to compile and simulate. This atypical exclusivity is attributed to its homegrown complier and language framework that helps the company to write and debug the code very efficiently.

Nurtured by Durga Lakshmi Sangisetti, Deepak Kumar Tala and Kavitha Tala - who love to impart their own brand of over 40 years of collective industry experience within their endeavors - SmartDV stresses on delivering value to its customers.In the industry, where it is claimed that, increasing design complexity creates several methodological challenges, the company has crafted well-organized processes for proffering the best."Working with various companies has lured us to learn about the bottlenecks of executing a project and how can we optimize the hours that are generally wasted. Thus, we have built a very strong process, which ensures reduction in the human errors or effective ways to overcome the mistakes rapidly," says Deepak Kumar Tala, Managing Director, SmartDV. Spearheaded by the industry veterans who in fact are hands-on and technically sound resources the crewdo not only workas a united team (Beehive, as they call it), but also go hand-in-hand with the customers to make the project customized, effective and faster. Backed by pre-verified and pre-certified algorithms coupled with compliance testsuite and complete Functional Coverage model, the well-organized methods also include feedback, tracking, rigorous reviewing and a final official review that marks the successful completion of the activity.

Going against the norms of traditional engineering, the completely automated company proclaims to be the proprietor of the largest collection of verification IPs and the only company in the world which has multiple MIPI protocols ready-for-usage for customers. Besides MIPI, SmartDV's suite of products also covers Networking and SOCVerification IP's, Automotive and Serial BusVerification IPs, Storage and Misc Verification IPs, memory models and design IPs.

Abiding by Philosophies

SmartDV has 60 people in its portfolio. The number may seem small for an eight-year old, but the company has crushed down these allegations by possessing 85+ customers across the world working in major domains like networking, storage, wireless/mobile, computing and security, with the major semiconductor companies top the list. Abiding by the philosophies of transparency, simplicity and honesty, the non-hierarchical organization encourages the employees to make and institutionalize rules within its boundaries. To train its resources efficiently, it has associated with external experts, from whom the insights are derived and re-routed to the resources. With a wish to grow in the services realm, SmartDV is currently aiming to expand its team to continue its legacy. Focusing on memory models, simulation accelerations and design IPs, SmartDV is rearing to stir up the mundane market aura by launching few trendsetting mobile-driven protocols, by 2018.

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1:Great Article! Its seems like Technologies are Faster day by day through Visit Verification IP
Posted by: Irfan Ansari - 29th Nov 2019
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