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Creative Synergies Group: Delivering the Best-In-Breed Engineering Services to Fabricate Strong Customer Relations

si Team
Monday, December 14, 2015
si Team
The lifeline of any manufacturing company is its engineering division. However, this eats up a major chunk of their budget, often times leaving them handicapped. They constantly seek partners who can provide them cost savings, faster delivery and round-the-clock engineering support, and ultimately, higher RoI. Sourcing a reliable and competent partner with a proven track record often becomes the nightmare for these companies. But now, they don't need to roll their eyes around, as Michigan-based Creative Synergies Group (CSG) breaks all the barriers to offer over 50 percent cost savings and 2.5 times faster delivery compared to its competitors. This is not all. The company also offers 24x7 execution support, thus acting as an extended arm of its clients.

The brainchild of Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi, CSG was established in 2012 to deliver engineering excellence.Its upfront success led the company to soon establish its footprint in Bengaluru. Unlike others who claim engineering services to be yet another department of their organizations, CSG considers engineering services as its exclusive driving fuel. "We do not sell any tools and neither do we build. We are a pure digital company engaged in product development, synthesizing new concepts, designing products, and undertaking simulation and value engineering which substantially cut down the cost of the product. With our innovative DNA we have, in the last few years, developed substantial IP assets within our company which has been a big investment for us," asserts Dr. Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Creative Synergies Group. CSG utilizes a proprietary and unique approach for Dynamic Resource Management, which provides a big round of savings for it's customers. This is why the company has been rated as number one out of several suppliers worldwide by a European automotive company and also received numerous awards and accolades for outstanding Innovations and Inventions.

The Expertise

CSG encompasses excellent domain expertise in product design with significant focus on automotive, aerospace, energy and heavy engineering industries amongst others. It provides a plethora of services ranging from manufacturing engineering, computer aided engineering, value engineering, engineering software and technical publications. "We work on multiple shores including U.S., Europe, Japanand Brazil, and then we have a technical powerhouse in India with tremendous domain knowledge where we run multiple shifts to compress the delivery time," adds Dr. Gandhi. What gives the company an upper hand is the vast global industry experience that Dr. Gandhi and his team come with. CSG has mastered the design rules and has relentless customer focuswith outstanding agility and responsiveness towards it's customers' needs.This has enabled CSG to emerge as a leader in pure-play engineering services.

Multiplying Success Through Teamwork

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