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Power Palazzo: Doyen of Indian Semiconductor Industry

si Team
Monday, December 14, 2015
si Team
Ecumenical semiconductor sales are going up every year due to sheer demand of booming smartphone and PC market. Albeit PC business has been slow in the last 2-3 years, smartphones and tablets have emerged as the successors. But now, Prime Minister NarendraModi's vision to enlighten every Indian house has led to reinforcing the Electronics & Semiconductor manufacturing and sales. In the midst of the vigor received, once there was a venture for minuscule hybrid chip design for EESL project. Since, this chip was denoted for LED bulbs and the final product was to be at an affordable price, the quagmirewas to provide the same designation at the spieled price. But with never to bend attitude, Power Palazzo with its expertise, provided the desired product transmuting the design, maintaining the same designation and eventually, reducing the cost by 60 percent.

Fraternizing Indo-China Technology

Micky Shah and his wife identified the immense opportunity of electronics & semiconductor in India way back in 1994 and incorporated Power Palazzo in Ahmedabad with a seed capital of just Rs.80,000. But budget constraints never discerned this duo's entrepreneurial skills as they went on investing the entire profit into the company and now, Power Palazzo is a $30 million business(Approx -200Crore). Catering to the desideratum of the lighting industry customers, Power Palazzo provides them with consummate energy preserving solutions for LED & LED products. Furthermore, this company additionally avails these industries getting engineers from China for support and fine-tunes the circuits so that it can withstand highly volatile Indian electricity voltage. Along with its flagship products - SMILITE LEDS, Aishi Capacitors, Huajing Transistors, HY, Hornby Diodes, Shengda Film Capacitors, and Drumcores, Power Palazzo withal punctiliouslycollude with principal companies and vendors which, accommodate as elongated facilities to ascertain expert field application engineering team fortifies customers for reference designs and evaluation board for all applications, samples and new designs.

The Team behind Prosperity

Maintaining a lean organizational structure, Power Palazzo follows a delegative and participative style of management where employees are given full ascendancy to take decisions. While sales team relishes bonus for achieving the targets, administration staffs additionally get incentives. This client centric team has earned this luminary company to work with top clientele such as Philips, Osram, CG, Bajaj, Eveready, Wipro, Syska, and Halonix amongst others. It is withal among the top five suppliers in general component & solutions. An honorable member of GCCI, FCCI and EO (Entrepreneur Organization), Gujarat, Power Palazzo has been the numerouno in supplying lighting components.

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