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BlackPepper: Delivering Disruptive Turnkey Designs Much Ahead of the Curve

si Team
Monday, December 14, 2015
si Team
India lags far behind in product designing vis-a-vis global semiconductor market. While IT legends utilize VLSI edition as a mere enabler for their software business, pure play VLSI companies just supply low-value resource augmentation edition rather than building a complete hardware system product design. Founded by Hari Krishnan Puravankara (CEO), BlackPepper Technologies, India's single-most end-to-end hardware design solutions provider, has been building high-value engineering capabilities that are above the par of global design service space.

The company is highly-capable of providing cost-effective turnkey silicon solutions with fastest turn around time, owing to its LTE (Lean Team of Engineers with comprehensive knowledge) model, SSCS (Sure Shot Convergence System) and DEOD (Design Environment On-Demand). Operating horizontally enables BlackPepper to fulfil all the customers' requirements whether they are from tier-1 or tier-3. Being India's first concept-to-product designer, the company owns high-end critical programs and delivers much ahead of time, even during its endeavours with tier-1 companies.

As Self Sustaining as Amazon Forest

Instigated its operations in 2011, BlackPepper went a step above to deliver turnkey silicon projects and is now moving towards system and product designing services. Within such a short timeframe, the company verticalized and built credibility across all areas including physical design, silicon validation, package design, supply chain management and analog & mixed designs among several others, which is unimaginable in the industry. Akin to the Amazon forest, which doesn't rely on external cloud for rain, each of this business unit (spearheaded by renowned industry legends) within BlackPepper is self-sufficient.

The company that chronicled world's fastest silicon tape-out designed the chip for one of the highest selling handheld mobile devices (which turned out to be a trend setter), can also boast that the first IoT system product was implemented with its technology. "We are implementing four IoT product designs in global scale, as we speak," says Manoj Sundareswaran, Executive VP, BlackPepper. It also pioneered a technology protocol to standardize communication between different functions, which radically increases efficiency and lessen TAT by 30 percent. Similar to EYWA, the tree of souls in the movie Avatar, BlackPepper's breathtaking service technology platform EYWA (which integrates LTE, DEOD and SSCS) elevates human-to-human interaction to machine-to-machine level.

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