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Silicus Technologies: Powering the QA Testing Domain through Robust Solutions

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Kavitha G.
From the traditional models to agile methodologies, the software industry has witnessed an immense transformation leveraging myriad ways to leverage new possibilities. Likewise, software testing domain has also been gaining weight ensuring the software trends. Amongst this development, there still exists a need to ensure quality assurance as that core facet can be left behind un-tapped. But it is not same in the case of Silicus Technologies that stands tall with its comprehensive offerings which will not only be an elixir for the Software woes, but also serve a long-term quality assurance benefitting the customers in the long run.

Headquartered in Pune, Silicus Technologies offers software development, outsourcing and consulting services that help the clients to succeed helping the mutual growth for the company. Leveraging its 14 years of experience, the brand has crafted out 1000+ software development projects across like .NET, JAVA and on the like major development platforms. Backed up by the core values - proficiency, predictability and quality, the software-enabled initiatives of the company is marked by its high-fidelity facet driving the companies to excel.

Silicus is also known for its personnel who are powered with industry specific knowledge and experience in delivering accelerated value for clients across all service offerings that also exceed the client expectations. As a provider of testing and QA services, the company provides a comprehensive outsourced software quality assurance and testing solution to software companies and IT organizations. The proven and tailored QA and Testing processes, methodologies and tools articulate processes, people, tools, infrastructure, domain knowledge and best practices involved. Their frameworks include regression testing, load & stress testing, system integration testing, test automation development, system Software compatibility testing and system hardware compatibility testing. In addition, the company offers flexible and round the clock global delivery model which provide managed and end-to-end testing services software quality assurance management.

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