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Smart Testing Solutionz: Securing Critical Software with Testing Excellence

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Digitization of businesses has created an increasing reliance on software for internal and customer facing activities. When so much bets on software, it is imperative for them to turn the software testing key on. On the other hand, the increasing cost associated with in-house software failure has pushed companies to opt for outsourced or offshore software testing services. This helps them even curtail the huge investments needed for rigorous in-house testing processes. This is precisely where Smart Testing Solutionz has positioned itself since its inception in 2010. Today, the market is fast moving towards adopting recent technology trends like cloud computing and others. While these technologies are much competitive with higher price-ends, their security is always at risk. As a software testing company, Smart Testing Solutionz takes care of these security issues and shelf-off the risks from their clients’ shoulders.

This Chennai based customer driven company understands the uniqueness of every client’s requirement thus offers a full-fledged range of elite-class services such as test automation, performance testing, functional testing, security testing and mobile testing services. Each of these services can be easily modified to suit every client’s precise needs. Smart Testing Solutionz without diversifying themselves has developed expertise in four key domains i.e., travel, airline, ERP, CRM and healthcare. The pure play software testing company’s noteworthy expertise in the travel, e-Commerce and Airline industry earned them respect within the industry and in 2012, Smart Testing Solutionz won Stevie Gold Winner for International Business Awards for the categories apart from winning Gold for New Company of the year, Bronze for New Company of the year – Computer Services and People’s Choice Award for New Company of the year – Computer Services.

With numerous QA Testing companies mushrooming every day, Smart Testing Solutionz has taken strategic moves to be ahead of them. The company has set up a test lab that is run by experts who are well versed in the process flow and doing R&D on the recent evolving technologies. Apart from this, they have subscribed to various forums wherein these experts enhance their knowledge skills while interacting with industry peers and leaders. This knowledge is what sets them ahead of the other players in the space."We blend our expertise with the latest technologies and with the world moving towards mobile, we have equipped ourselves in that space too," says Ganesan Balasubramanian, CEO, Smart Testing Solutionz. Smart Testing Solutionz handpicks their experts who hold years of experience in their respective industry. The company provides an environment where each of them shares their learning and knowledge with their peers within the company. This has eventually equipped Smart Testing Solutionz with the best arsenals of the testing industry who majorly focuses on providing the industry’s paramount customer satisfaction.

The 30 people strong company is now on the lookout to be the tier I company and focuses on enhancing its skills further more. Smart Testing Solutionz will soon launch their first user friendly product for testing by end of this year. With a sales office in the U.S., the company plans to foray into the UAE and Singapore within next financial year. They are also actively involved in the CSR activities wherein employees contribute financially or physically to orphanages and old age homes on weekends.

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