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Rootwork Systems: Changing the Dynamics of Mobile Apps

SI Team
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
SI Team
In today's era, smart phones and its applications have gained a lot of notability. As of now, mobile phones are not just restricted to make calls; rather the demand for the same has increased quite exceptionally due to its applications. The market is now booming with a wide variety of smart phone devices containing the latest developed applications. Considering this revolution with handheld devices, mobile application developers are in fervor. Tracking the game are companies such as Rootwork Systems which is focussed on mobile software space. With a team of over 15 members including alumni of companies like Adobe, Honda, Freescale, ZS Associates, and Amdocs, Rootwork provides specialized custom and packaged services for mobile app development on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 platforms.

With an objective to deploy effective mobile strategies and help companies find and engage more customers, Rootwork came into being in 2012 with offices in Vadodara and Bangalore. Their focus on UI/UX design sets them apart from other ITes companies.

The company also publishes consumer apps through Zitrr Studios. They released Zitrr Camera (an iOS App) earlier this March and the download rate has reached to 4 lakhs in a span of just six months, which symbolizes the adeptness of the company. “We got a call from Samsung Electronics Korea, when they asked us to develop apps for the upcoming Samsung devices running on Tizen OS. They were ready to fund the project right-away,” explains Piyush Rawat, Co-Founder & Director, Rootworks Systems.

Rootwork works in close proximity with their clients to understand their business and formulate strategies that help them improve customer engagement and profitability through effective mobile deployment strategies. Rootwork spends most of their time on user-testing of designs, which helped them bag clients like HP and Samsung under their portfolio within six months of their inception.

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