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Yodlee: Providing Opportunities for Employees' Growth

SI Team
Thursday, October 3, 2013
SI Team
Day in and day out, in good times and in bad, leaders and managers make myriad choices about their workers, the totality of which determine whether a company can truly be considered a good employer. Yodlee prides itself on its commitment to open communication in the workplace, and understands that a good work-life balance helps foster creativity and enthusiasm in employees. In Silicon Valley, a place where companies can start and end in the same quarter, Yodlee is one of the few examples of a long-lasting business that’s constantly pushing the market. Now, after 14 years of pioneering FinTech, the market is finally starting to share Yodlee's vision. Headquartered in California and founded in 1999, Yodlee helps over 600 companies globally, including seven of the top ten global financial institutions, in powering a variety of customer-facing financial management apps and services. The company maintains a large operation in Bangalore which has been a key part of the company’s growth since inception.

To maintain the work-life balance, Yodlee offers flexible working hours and gives employees opportunities to work from home which has encouraged not only male but female employees as well to join the organization. Today, Yodlee boosts a healthy proportion of 125 female employees among 575 employees who not only get flexible working hours but also obtain 84 days of maternity leave along with other leaves.

In-office seminars are conducted on regular basis to keep employees focused and healthy. The company has a prosperous corporate culture which involves regular feedback and professional support. Regular all-hands meetings ensure that employees are able to share their thoughts and concerns with the company's leadership team.

The company's employees maintain a strong commitment to financial innovation, but life at Yodlee is about more than just work. The company regularly hosts team-building activities, including athletics competitions, scavenger hunts and cultural festivals. Employees also have ample opportunity to give back to the community through blood drives and company-sponsored Fun Days for children from a local orphanage.

Every day, Yodlee's employees collaborate with leading financial institutions, entrepreneurs and Fintech developers to help build and distribute applications used by millions of consumers all over the world. It should be no surprise that Yodlee is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a place at the forefront of financial innovation thus helping the employees to grow with the company.
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