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TechJini: Providing Innovative and Outstanding Mobile Solutions

SI Team
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
SI Team
A healthcare company looking to replace some expensive medical devices that are used for home care giving, a moving company that provides relocation services looking for a substantial increase in the number of quotations to closures, or a large retailer looking to streamline the process with the help of mobile, TechJini is one stop mobile solutions provider for all of them.

Founded in 2005 with a vision of taking on challenging problems and providing innovative and outstanding solutions, TechJini has come a long way in being a startup. Focusing on software product engineering services and building next generation software products for global clients, TechJini branches out in covering technologies which are essentially mobile, cloud based and Big Data services. Leveraging the mobile growth, the company has identified traction on consumer oriented applications that are found on the app store. These applications are targeted to the end users as well as enterprise applications deployed within the enterprise not available on the app store.

Conference App is a revolutionary app developed by TechJini which is one stop solution for the piles of brochures to be distributed or carried along by a person during a conference. The app contains in it all the events and its details pertaining to a particular conference. The user can download the app with custom conference branding and manage it accordingly. The company recently added a feature enabling the user to exchange cards using it or even slide from one phone to the other.

Recently the company diversified its product line with FeedBox - a digital feedback console to empower retailers in absorbing customer insights, address them in an organized, automated and effortless fashion. It aids retailers with organizing feeds from customers, make them actionable, redirect feedback to key people in the hierarchy and powerful analytics like competitor bench-marking, all this made workable in real-time. To add an element of customer engagement and loyalty, the feedback is linked with rewards such as offers and coupons that have them coming back to do business.
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