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Interworld Commnet: The Sui Generis in Mobile Application Development

SI Team
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
SI Team
A ticketing company was struggling to deliver tickets to its customers. The people who bought tickets for any event had to print it and when reaching the venue, the security guards scanned the barcode on the ticket to allow them through. This ticketing company wanted to come up with a solution to make the tickets easily available to its customers. Interworld Commnet, a mobile app development company, built an application for them and today the company is selling around 150, 000 tickets a month. The customers are able to not only store the ticket in their mobile wallet but also share it with their family and friends.

What started as a web designing company in 1998 grew leaps and bounds and when realizing the mobile shift, it forayed into the space in 2007. Five years in the industry and Interworld Commnet has established itself as a game changer in the mobile app market. What can better substantiate the statement is that none of its apps developed for iOS 6 crashed on iOS 7. “We built to be robust with a clean code, and the apps developed for iOS 6 was so strong that none of them needed an update to work on iOS 7 and that is the benchmark we are setting for ourselves,” says J.K. Menon, CEO, Interworld Commnet.

In past two years, the company transformed itself as a product development company. Menon accredits his success to his team. He believes in nurturing them from the beginning and provides them training from project managers and trainers in Singapore. This is what differentiates the company from the competitors where each member of the team is able to understand on their own the requirements of the clients and develop the best fit solutions as per the local market.

Two years back Interworld Commnet acquired a company in Singapore and around a year back, another company in West Africa. Thus, today the company is operating in the South East Asia and African market through these two offices and provides services in Location Based Search and e-Commerce Apps on various platforms. “We bring confidence through our deliveries and are excited to reach deeper emerging markets. We also strongly looking into options for localized development centers in these countries as well,” adds Menon.
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