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Ranjeeta Vinil: God Always Finds You a Way When the Intentions are Noble

Susila Govindaraj
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Getting diagnosed with a terrifying disease like cancer typically makes one to shut down mentally. It puts them through an emotional roller coaster of fear, grief, anger, guilt and depression. Conversely, the high-assertive Ranjeeta Vinil, Director of Saarathi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Saarathi Healthcare Services, Vivra Wellness and Trustee of Saarathi Foundation stands apart at the other end of the spectrum, since her resolute only grew stronger when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the prime of her corporate career. Realizing the challenges (diet, exercise, compliance to drug, psychosocial aspects and side effects) one had to endure to cope with cancer, propelled her to become an entrepreneur and produce a solution that enables patients to surmount those challenges.

Knack for Evolving Innovative Strategies

When Ranjeeta launched India's first comprehensive disease management program in 2001 as Aventis' brand manager, the unheard concept attracted a lot of media coverage. However, the eye opener was her endeavours as head of patient relations management (PRM), where she met diverse patients. She gradually learnt that treatment outcomes are not solely dependent on drugs but it involves various aspects such as psychological support, motivation, understanding of the disease and its management. As fate would have it, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006! Being a cancer survivor, her love for PRM metamorphosed into absolute passion, as her belief in the need of PRM had been strongly re-affirmed.

Albeit Ranjeeta conceptualized several innovative strategies like setting up a PRM vertical as the VP-Marketing at Medicine Shoppe, she soon realized that patient service needs more focused attention. Moreover, her mentor encouraged her as he noticed that she has a kind heart as well as brilliant mind to grasp the requirements within the whole PRM chain. Thus Ranjeeta's unwavering attention and sheer zeal brought Saarathi Healthcare Services � a one-stop-shop for disease management solutions, to life in 2008 with the idea to handhold patients through the wilderness by going beyond prescription. Saarathi's solutions helps to build patient relations by proactively understanding and servicing patient needs to increase focus on chronic therapy compliance for patient well being, satisfaction and better disease outcomes.

Backbreaking Challenges

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