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SQUAD Infotech: Grooming Tech Buffs into Software Connoisseurs

Brinda Das
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Brinda Das
"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation," the Greek philosopher Aristotle had said in ancient times. In the contemporary digital age, a fast growing tech company called SQUAD Infotech is putting Aristotle's famous words into practice by focusing on skilled training and quality assurance, and winning plaudits for its focus and singular approach. As software technology replaces the conventional analogue market, in turn giving rise to an economic boom amidst increased competition, the quality of the IT application landscape has taken a beating, impacting firms' competency and effectiveness. To compound matters, skilled professionals in the testing domain can be counted on fingers as the available resources are either unemployable or not up-to-the-mark. This puts an immense pressure on organizations to train their employees. Apart from this, a dearth of good training institutes for testing programs in the IT market led to software companies facing substantial challenges in training new entrants. Sensing a great business opportunity, SQUAD Infotech Private Limited was set up in Mumbai in 2010.

Founded by Rohit Sharma and Bhupinder Kumar, SQUAD focuses on training professionals in the field of software testing with a view to endow the IT industry with highly skilled software professionals. According to Dr. B. Reshamlal Director of SQUAD and an educationist for last 4 decades, the venture aims to provide a wholesome package of various career learning and training-cum-placement programs in the domain of software testing catering to the increasing need of testers in the IT industry to check various software anomalies and deliver glitch-free products to end users.

SQUAD also offers placements in top IT companies. "We started training first, understood the market condition and then we started helping the organization to test various projects. We are a complete solution provider, we conduct both in-house as well as external testing," says Maneesh Jha, Director, SQUAD Infotech. Software development division handled by Ritupanna Mohan, Director & CTO, SQUAD. Expertise in managing complex projects under tight deadlines has his vision to take Software development projects to new standards.

Five years since its inception, Rohit's vision has yielded rich dividends. His company's Trainers conducted several enterprise training programs for blue chip giants such as Bank of America, Deloitte, Capgemini, Accenture and Patni Igate. It has also worked with a large number of other clients including Aurion Pro, Annet Technologies, PlusBKSP, Agam Solution and Audi time to test their application. The company is constantly trying to make testing affordable to all software companies. SQUAD monitors the testing processes of small and medium enterprises by keeping track of their testing activities, management procedures and application management methods. The institute's USP focuses on a Global Employability Matrix which acts as a resource manager.

The company had to scale up manpower and operations in a short span of time and at the same time, maintain the desired level of customer service. It now has a team of 35 professionals but looks to further strengthen the number in the coming days. SQUAD Infotech also plans to become a global player by expanding in Dubai, UK and the U.S., in addition to other Indian cities. It aims to increase its annual revenue to Rs.25 crore in the next five years by adding new venture like Smarthunt4u and coder Technologies from Rs.2.5 crore now under the guidance of Satish Sharma, Retired Manager of a nationalized bank. SQUAD envisions being India's most customer centric company through innovation along with technology and making nation employable.

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