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Virus Positive Technologies: Leveraging a Proactive Approach towards Software Testing

Kanak Prabha
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Kanak Prabha
It is absolutely a nightmare today for every smart device holder and Laptop user to secure their data from the unethical hackers. Spreading like a plague, these hackers have found ways to penetrate our devices or machines and reside there to steal our personal as well as professional information. We unknowingly welcome Malwares, Adware, Spyware and Trojans while downloading applications from our Windows, MAC, and mobile applications. This created a steer within the industry and the demand for such analysts arose who would use their highly specialized tools and knowledge to fight the future invasions of thugs performing malicious operations on the devices. While there are various companies who are making bets in a burning house, the 2011 born Virus Positive Technologies today stands as a market leader in this globally competitive environment whose key element is its never-ending pursuit of providing offshore Software Testing & Compliances services to its clients across the globe.

Having innovation and highly professional methodologies ingrained in their DNA, Virus Positive is in the catbird seat in delivering high quality, cost-effective and reliable testing solutions to complex business problem. The company's best-in-class expertise lies in its Entry Level Malware Testing, where they test their client's entire set-up file with automated system in three stages: monitoring during the downloading process of the file, monitoring during the signature scanning of the file and monitoring during the installation of the file. Gaurav Sethi, CEO, Virus Positive Technologies, says, "Once the step-by-step execution is completed, a detailed testing analysis is shared by our team to the client. We support more than 100 proxy locations, various browsers and OS combinations". Incorporated with an endeavor to understand the broader scope of Software Testing, their full-service Testing Package covers software requirements analysis, test planning and test cases development amongst others.

Keeping pace with the technological developments, Virus Positive offers domain specific and skill specific services in Windows & MAC Applications like Functional Testing, Entry Level, Compatibility Testing, Localization Testing, Toolbar Search War Testing, Ad-on Search War Testing, Web Monetization Testing and System Integration Testing. The company is renowned for their quintessential tools for testing like Wireshark, Loadrunner, Fiddler and some of the open source technologies to name a few. The company breaks through the clutter of the mundane industry through their unique multitude of services covering Mobile Testing, Websites & Apps, Display & Video Games and End to End Customer Support and Center of Excellence (COE). Carving a niche of their own, the firm works with all the downloadable space to deliver best user experience.

Brain child of Gaurav Sethi and Abhishek Kumar, the firm's ability to evolve continuously has doubled their approach towards the dynamic business world which in turn has helped in marrying success in a very short span of time. Delving deep into the clients' requirements, Virus Positive boasts of housing 52 people who have vast experience in various senior positions in global brand names. Having flexible approach towards the dynamic business world, the firm has the ability to work 24x7 to deliver innovative and reliable products which enhances customer confidence. Headquartered in Gurgaon, the company which began their services with one client today has till date worked with more than 50 prestigious clients and within a year hopes to automate most of their services which are on a manual now.

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