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Doshaheen Solutions: An Innovative Move towards Altering the Realm of IT Industry

Brinda Das
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Brinda Das
Walking in the lines of Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others, Dhanesh Mathkar too founded his company Doshaheen - a software solutions provider - in a garage in 2013 with an unconditional support from his wife Gayatri Mathkar. Quitting a high profile job in the U.S. was though not easy for him, but his dream to be his own boss and bring in a change in the current Indian testing industry prompted Dhanesh to pursue his delusion without any condition. While still a garage startup, Doshaheen catered testing services to over 40 companies in the U.S and the U.K. Today, the company houses 25 intellectuals specialized in testing services and ecstatically deliver functional and specialized outsourced testing projects from its office in Pune.

The field of testing has come a long way since it was first started 15 years back. Today, the scenario of software testing has completely changed in terms of what the clients are looking for. Earlier, testing was a part of the development work outsourced to a software company. But today, it's a standalone industry, where companies specialize in offering exclusive testing services. This is where Dhanesh and Gayatri saw a huge gap in the testing industry where companies were in a dire need of testing companies who can flawlessly take over the entire testing responsibilities ranging from requirement gathering till user acceptance test, and not in bits and pieces unlike most providers. This is why, the duo established a center for testing excellence where a dedicated team of excellent minds work on a particular client for a period of one year. This equips the company with a flexibility to rotate its professionals and train them whilst keeping the talent in the group itself. Doshaheen also offers testing services as a standalone service which is outsourced to it. Highly celebrated for its outstanding service proficiencies and industry-leading solutions, Doshaheen is emerging as a complete soup-to-nuts testing services provider. Its worthwhile and unproblematic solutions are constantly revolutionizing the testing industry.The enterprise aims for a global change in the software scenario by incorporating substantial growth and innovations in the market.

With a promising team of zealous individuals, Doshaheen believes in providing quality software development services and specialized consulting and outsourcing services to its circle of clientele spread across industries like healthcare, life sciences, retail, BFSI and e-Commerce. In the recent times, Doshaheen has donned the hat of a product company by offering few in-house built healthcare as well as hospitality products for the Indian market.

Considering team unity as one of its biggest positives, Doshaheen persistently encourages its employees by allotting them work according to their domain of interest. With this highly motivated tech fanatics, the company envisages soaring high in the IT industry in the days to come by strengthening itself by adopting improved advancements. The company also pictures to create local jobs for aspiring techies in India and give an opening to young pacesetters of the country.

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