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Rail Yatri: Where Enthusiasm to Spearhead a Change Overweighs the Experience

si Team
Friday, June 3, 2016
si Team
Hypothetically rules in a work place are instituted so as to ensure a healthy code of order and behavior. But enforcing too many rules, detailed policies and procedures often turns a business into talent-repelling machines. Especially in today's entrepreneurial ecosystem, wherein proffering a different, yet extraordinary result outweighs others, the millennials look for an ideal company which solely values their employees and performance. Rail Yatri - one of India's premier portals for train travellers - has been a perfect example of a company whose guidelines are solely channelized towards making employees happy. Like many new-age startups, this four-year old organization is marked by open environment with flexible working conditions and options; but unlike them, it has no restrictions on any of its perks, be it gaming hours or even numbers of leave, as long as the work continuity is kept intact.

Chronicling the Success Saga

What started with a network of around 10-15 friends is now 60 people strong organization with zero attrition rate. The rationale behind the transformation boils down to the company's endeavors. As a venture of Stelling Technologies, Rail Yatri.in was launched, sufficing the needs for quality dissemination of the travel-related information and thus, a simplified train journeys. Donning the cap of one stop-shop, its revolutionary application endows the users with an access to information that covers live train status, its arrival/departure, seat availability, trains between stations, platform locator, RY alert system and can even book meals.

In fact, deploying the real-time and cutting-edge parameters of mobile technology to thrive on such common social cause has empowered the platform not only to fill flesh to its objective of helping travellers make informed decisions, but also to reap-in the best talents Although the venture possesses a healthy mix of fresher and experienced elites, the major emphasis is vested on the magnitude of one's enthusiasm to fuel company's legacy, not the prior experience. In addition, the company has also stretched its helping hands towards young entrepreneurs and has been proactive in empowering them to rightly cling on to their entrepreneurial journey.

Nanda Kishore Subba, Director-Recruitment, Rail Yatri says, "Our people power our 'product' and our people strategy is an integral part of our long-term success. Rail Yatri is at an inflection point offering exciting opportunities to solve deep, impactful and game-changing problems across teams - products, design, growth, engineering and content. People who get hired at Rail Yatri tend to have passion for what the company is doing along with deep problem solving skills, are quick learners who are comfortable going end-to-end, roll with ambiguity and improvise, good at working in a team and do all of this with a friendly humility".

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