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NEC Technologies India: Reinforcing IT & Network Systems in the Cloud

Kavitha G.
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Kavitha G.
Metaphorically speaking, Cloud has become home to a majority of mission-critical infrastructure for enterprises today. However, architecting Cloud applications is not as rosy as it sounds. The applications have to gel with the appropriate Cloud infrastructure and have to integrate three core ingredients- computing, storage and networks - enabling scalable and reliable configuration. Enterprises search for Cloud solution partners who not only provide all of these, but also deliver end to end solutions. NEC Technologies India (NTI), a Noida-based Global Service Delivery and business support arm of NEC Corporation, best fits these characteristics and is positioned as a trusted organization that provides end-to-end customizable IT and Network solutions.

NEC was the first one to announce the concept of C&C integration of Computers and Communications (C&C). NEC coined 'C&C' long before Global Technology Companies started adopting 'Cloud' as the game changing technology as it appears today. For NTI Cloud Computing is not new, as they have been working on this almost since their inception. NTI has been working closely with various NEC divisions to develop world-class Products and Solutions that help our Global customers realize the full potential of 'Cloud'.

NTI was established with a vision to strengthen NEC's global business by leveraging NEC's world class technology platforms and solutions combined with NTI's expertise to deliver global services and solutions. NTI has been successful in fulfilling this role for nearly 9 years. During this time, NTI has experienced rapid growth and has contributed successfully to the delivery of many IT and Network products and solutions enabling the requirement of our global customers.

"Aligned with NEC's vision to expand business globally, NTI is making significant contributions in the area of Cloud Appliances, Virtualization, SDN, Cloud Platforms and SaaS applications for various verticals. At NTI, we are excited about the various opportunities that Cloud Computing has brought forward and we are geared up to deliver by leveraging our comprehensive Platform and Solutions offerings -On-Premise, Co-location or Public Cloud Solutions for various applications - M2M, Enterprise DCs, Carrier Clouds and various Solutions for Society," says Sandeep Khurana, Director-Global Operations, NTI.

NTI caters to three areas of the Cloud: Cloud services for vertical markets; Cloud system implementation; and Cloud services for IT and Network platforms. Deploying the right mix of expertise, capabilities and technologies, NTI is uniquely positioned in the industry to provide complete infrastructure solutions, be it for a Private or a Public Cloud.

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