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Mould Networks: Commoditizing Unparagoned end-to-end Managed Networking Solution Stack for Next Generation Indian Enterprise Networks

Kavitha G.
Monday, February 9, 2015
Kavitha G.
Enterprises and government institutions are keen on investing in infrastructure causing networking products and solutions space to flourish. The surveillance space is further estimated to be at its pinnacle next year with mounting cloud adoption, rising public awareness along with the help of government and infrastructure providers, who are enforcing surveillance as mandatory necessity. Mould Networks, a cloud-based managed network IP surveillance expert, is precisely poised to cash this opportunity by commoditizing MIPSAAS (Mould Networks IP Surveillance And Services), an unparagoned readymade all-encompassing solution stack that is fairly priced for India. By gathering realistic requirements emerging from enterprises, Mould enables mass deployment of solutions by bringing cloud�s optimization and acceleration power to manage network, video analytics & alerts to perform IP surveillance. By cutting across all network elements, Mould ensures optimized packet flow across LAN or GAN, with unified storage mechanism whether it is on cloud or on-premises.

Illustrious Networking Experts

Instead of wandering from vendor to vendor and end up suffering with integration issues, users can leverage Mould�s one-stop-shop enriched with plethora of personally incubated software and hardware customized at server level. This futuristic surveillance-in-the-box ensuring end-to-end communication with cloud was crafted by Jagadish. B and Subashini Ramakrishnan, the prominent networking experts who revolutionized the industry by driving Dax to be Top 5 Networking Brands in India. While Jagadish is recognized as Founding Member & Director of one of the illustrious first India made enterprise router BA Systems, Subashini is renowned for designing numerous award-winning enterprise mission critical networks and spreading her valuable insights through media. Apart from immense support from family and friends, having quarter century of experience in networking industry enabled the dynamic duo to build a partner ecosystem across an eye-popping 140 locations in India.

Moulding Proficient Network Engineers

Founded in 2013 with two divisions for training and networking, Mould impressed MSME with its vision of shaping the future of graduates into proficient network engineers. Noticing Mould�s capacity to be the trend setter in influencing next generation managed end-to-end networks; MSME bestowed the company with collateral-free funds. One of India�s biggest corporate added significant value to Mould�s idea and effort through a huge contract that empowered Mould to be prime solution architect of over 60 colleges from Jammu to Madurai; within 6 months.

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