Plintron: Making Audacious Moves in the Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) Segment

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Anamika Sahu
When a multinational telecom services company in India declared its plan to raise the price of its VoIP over 3G services, it created a debacle among the industry and users. Debate sparked off that charging for free VoIP services will create a chicken and egg problem. This, on one hand, will bring user demand to a substantial low while on the other hand, impeding the creation of robust internet infrastructure, which in turn nails back the rate of broadband penetration and increases the cost of operation. While price has always been the game changer for businesses, it seems quite sensitive in the telecom industry. Several MVNO companies, irrespective of size, reached their extinction owing to increasing operating cost. To counter such debacle and help MNVOs establish their global footprint, Plintron plays the role of an antidote.

Co-founded in 2008 by Mohan Kumar Sundaram and Subhashree, Plintron is a niche player in the mobile network and virtual network space. Within six years of its operation, the company has garnered the accolade of being the 'World Leader' and is quoted as the largest cloud based multi-country MVNE. Even before establishing its footprint in the MVNE domain, Plintron did a deep pocket inspection to understand client's predicaments. Thus, every solution offered by Plintron is crafted to address unique pain points of the MVNOs and MNOs. "The biggest challenges encountered in our domain are quality and transparency of service while getting it in a reliable and efficient cost base," asserts Mohan, Chairman & CEO, Plintron.

With each passing day, technology wears a new feather in its hat and is getting smarter. This puts all the technology companies on a tread mill to offer trailblazing products and services. Plintron comes with such agility that the cost of change is lowest in the market and that puts the company in a premium spot for the service providers to approach Plintron and take as a technology pathway for them. "We are the part of innovation happening across our industry and are engaged in providing our services to the providers keeping them upbeat in the current moving market," adds Mohan.

The Anecdote

Coming from a technology background, Mohan worked with various industries across imports & exports to non-banking financial services and others. But 15 years back, he landed in the telecom industry where he noticed an interesting trend of failures taking over the success stories. Thus, he started focusing on telecommunication industry to understand the mathematics of this ratio. His attention was grabbed by the services side of the industry where vested the immediate need of a company like Plintron. Thus learning from the failure stories of the MVNOs, Mohan developed business, technology, services and legal model to make these companies successful players. Today, Plintron's major focus lies in providing technological and business solutions for these MVNOs across the market. The company has been created and molded to specialize and develop these MVNO related technology and services and Plintron has been able to demonstrate that in a quick time as within 6 months of its establishment, the company started launching new MVNO brands in different countries and making them successful. "Each MVNO comes with their own differentiators and we need to adapt role and deliver those differentiated features. It can be the software feature or the way in which consumers are getting the services or even a particular delivery model. Thus, the key is in adaptation and customization and we have mastered this art long back," explains Subhashree, Vice Chairman, Plintron.

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