Lyca Telecom: Bringing Your World to Your Pockets by Cutting Call Costs Overseas

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, February 16, 2017
Anamika Sahu
On a recent trip to the UK, Shyam Karthik turned on his smartphone and as soon as it booted up he received a text message saying ‘International data rate of $20/MB applies. Unlimited domestic data plan does not apply in this location’. $20 is a real big buck to pay for such a small amount of data, but with Lyca Telecom’s international SIM, Shyam would have experienced a seamless service, with benefits such as unlimited talk, text and data with international calls included. Unlike most networks, Lyca Telecom’s SIM card functions in the same way no matter what country it’s in. This means Shyam can instantly contact his family and friends and get connected as soon as he lands abroad without any hassle. There are no extortionate roaming charges for making calls and using data to worry about. This is why Lyca Telecom has evolved as a company with great value proposition that offers a highly cost-effective service.

Offering Seamless Connectivity

As per Ministry of Tourism and World Bank statistics, the Indian outbound traveler industry has already surpassed $18 million (estimated to cross $50 million by 2020) and is growing at 15-18 per cent annually with over 62 million passport holders who are potential travelers. And with India set to become the country with the youngest population by 2020, this growth doesn’t seem unrealistic. The country’s millennials have broken boundaries by traveling to international destinations for work and leisure. This work-life balance is their priority and so they want to stay connected with their loved ones at all times, no matter where in the world they find themselves. Until now, being connected without worrying about the cost was not possible, but with Lyca Telecom you have your world in your pocket. Lyca Telecom is linked to Lycamobile, which is an integral part of Lyca Group. Lycamobile is the world’s largest international mobile virtual network operator and is the market leader in the international prepaid mobile calls market, operating in 21 countries with over 15 million customers and a new one joining every two seconds. Lycamobile has over two million points of sale and a revenue of over €1.6 billion (2015). “Due to the number of international travelers, we see an estimated 28 million opportunities within India. We aim to maintain and grow our prestige as people’s first choice provider for low-cost international calls,” says Chris Tooley, Lycamobile CEO.

Lyca Telecom is committed to offering its customers the lowest rates across the globe. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Lyca Telecom has a wide range of options to fulfil the needs of all varieties of international travelers and it is the best value for money when travelling abroad. The business’ commitment to bringing new and innovative international telecom products to the masses will bring further low rates and value to customer experience. Current key markets include the U.S. and Europe, with one offer including unlimited calls, texts and data for travelers going to the U.S. from India (for just Rs.2000) or to India from the U.S.

Lyca Telecom offers a global SIM card that contains multiple local number IMSIs. This enables customers to make and receive local calls, send and receive text messages, and use data in all Lyca countries globally without paying extra for roaming, which is something most networks charge for. “This award-winning product has taken the market by storm,” adds Chris. Business and leisure travelers who travel to multiple destinations find it very handy to carry a single SIM card for multiple destinations and this is something Lyca Telecom provides with its no roaming charges offer. “Our plans also have CUG (closed user group) within Europe and hence customers across the continent can speak to each other free of cost on our network,” declares Chris.

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