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In2things Automation: Bringing an Integrated Approach to IoT Solutions

si Team
Monday, February 13, 2017
si Team
An international commercial laundry company found itself in a fix owing to operational inefficiencies that tagged along its coin/card operated washing machines. With the cumbersome tasks of collecting payments and managing machines across the wide expanse of its business, it needed a modern age solution. In2Smarter, an IoT device by In2things Automation, approached this dilemma by bringing physical machines in digital world to monitor and control them remotely. It connected each washing machine to a partner secure cloud that allowed user to handle the machine and manage secure digital payment transactions with the help of a mobile application. This enabled remote monitoring, reduced the dependency on manual labour, thereby bringing down expenses and scaling up productivity, thus enabling secure Edge-to-Cloud IoT Solution.

Achieving this type of futuristic vision was no mean feat for In2things Automation, an IoT Solutions Company that offers an outside-in integrated solutions approach through its key values of thought leadership combined with hands-on nimble team. Initially started in 2015 by Vinaya Chordia, COO, as a specialist in business oriented mobile applications development. The company took a plunge into the novel sector of IoT when Vivek Chordia (CEO) joined early 2016. The company believes in end-to-end systems approach that infuses confidence and makes imbibing technology a breeze keeping robustness and scaling costs in mind. This approach also relieves its clients of dealing with the multitude interfaces of hardware, software and business compliance, thus proffering one-stop-solutions and improving their Time To Market (TTM). These avenues help clients reduce wastage, optimize their cash flow and improve productivity. As per Vivek Chordia, "Primary reason we have clients with repeat business is because of technology expertise, quality services all under one single umbrella, an integrated approach".

In2things = Into Internet of Things

In2things service provision lies in building Mobility and IoT Solutions that are at par with emerging international standards. Its main offerings range from 'Devices' to 'Data' to 'Digital', namely In2data (Sensors to Cloud), In2labs (Device SDK R&D), In2i4.0 (Industry 4.0 automation) and In2robotics (customized IoT bots for hyper automation). This versatile company also caters its clients with In2apps and digital services for building mobile apps and future proof user experience. Utilizing 20 years of corporate experience, these services have been put together in a simple practical process that helps quickly identify the solution's crux, build a roadmap as per the client's priorities and accelerate their ROI time.

Security can make or break the IoT applications longevity, which can have multiple security threats that penetrate into critical systems. As we delegate human tasks and automate a process, the technology that we deploy needs to be reliable, robust and trusted. In2things takes upon this challenge and rectifies this threat by shielding the data with security layers during initial product development and guarantees protection. Robust solutions are getting realized, but security will always remain an on-going process.

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