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Sensorise: Enabling the IoT revolution with Multi-Operator Embedded SIM (E-SIM) & M2M Solutions

si Team
Monday, February 13, 2017
si Team
The Industry 4.0 revolution was ushered in when wireless radio technologies broke machines free from those messy wires, to rise up to what it has become today - the Internet of Everything. The backbone of any IoT/M2M deployment is the M2M connectivity, which needs to be frugal, reliable and secure. The reliability of network coverage is a concern in the country, which takes grave proportions when one considers remote areas and Pan-India mobility. Sensorise is enabling the IoT initiatives by freeing M2M connectivity from network hassles, closing service gaps with an ecosystem of TSP, SIM & OEM partners, offering frugal, secure & tamper resistant connections backed by Aadhaar authentication and UPI based payments.

Indian Innovation, Targeted to the Root Cause of M2M Connectivity Issues

"We are an Indian startup, and our solutions are built on carrier-class cloud platforms hosted in India. We work with the best TSPs and OEMs," asserts Sharad Arora, MD, Sensorise. A Telecom veteran of 25 years, with a global perspective of secure mobile applications, Sharad has a deep understanding of the needs of the Indian consumers & enterprises, the technology/product gaps and opportunities for serving these needs. The company has developed QoSimTM, a trademarked eSIM software, together SenseLCMTM a cloud-based connectivity and subscription Life Cycle Management solution. This matchless solution ensures that M2M devices remain connected while moving across telecom circles by automatically connecting to alternate operator(s) if the primary operator connection is lost. The subscriptions are selected automatically by the QoSim, or remotely over the air, without having to physically access the device. Rajeev Arora, Director & CTO, proudly elucidates, "GSMA calls the eSIM a game changer, we are the first company to enable the commercial deployment of the eSIM in India". The Sensorise solution has enabled the stringent ICAT Certification of several Industrial Grade Devices from OEMs in India.

Sensorise has two other business lines - SenseMaticTM and FrugalNet, enabled with M2M Analytics, a consulting service to help extract useful insights from the machine data.

The Core Values

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