Why it Make Sense to Start Thinking about an IoT Operations Center in 2017?

Manu Tayal, General Manager-IoT & Arsalaan Kashif, Associate Director-Product Engineering Services
Monday, February 13, 2017
Manu Tayal, General Manager-IoT & Arsalaan Kashif, Associate Director-Product Engineering Services
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As IoT increasingly becomes a part of our everyday lexicon, it is also beginning to rapidly change how we create, consume and communicate. A large number of organizations have now realized the huge potential of IoT and how it can enable them to disrupt traditional business models in a way that wasn't imaginable before. As we move towards a world, where our cars are connected and our homes are smart, the opportunities are limitless for innovative organizations to create the ecosystem for a smart and connected world.

Though people have been talking about IoT for a few years, it is only now that organizations are embracing it in a significant way by moving from the 'proof of value' to the 'productization' stage of their IoT journey. However, most organizations till date have focused only on those elements of IoT that have caught their fancy while overlooking certain other crucial aspects. But, if they are indeed serious about a sustained and elevated IoT experience that can enrich their customers, they will have to soon connect the dots and look at the big picture.

Connectivity Management

Gartner has predicted that by 2020 there will be 26 billion connected devices across the world while some estimate the number to be much higher. That is indeed a lot of connected devices even by conservative standards and the need for effective connectivity management must be reiterated. In a world where smart home owners look to control their security systems remotely, any disruption in connectivity can prove to be disastrous. A well designed IoT operations centre can use the right tools to ascertain the reasons for an event where there is connectivity failure and take the appropriate steps to remedy the issue.

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