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Ineda Systems: Providing Low-Power & Secure SoCs for IoT Devices

si Team
Monday, February 13, 2017
si Team
With the latest introduction of various connected devices and the internet becoming more advanced, Internet of Things (IoT) concept has seen vested interests from across industries globally and is set to become a major differentiator in driving the next generation of services and products. In India, while the industry is at a nascent stage, industrial applications of IoT primarily in manufacturing, automotive, and transportation & logistics are expected to drive IoT revenues by 2020. According to a report of NASSCOM, the Indian IoT market is expected to grow to $15 billion with 2.7 billion units by 2020 from the current $5.6 billion and 200 million connected units. These connected units which are mostly smart phones, appliances, wearable technology and many other devices work on silicon chips which are designed to run embedded applications and required function on the device. This is where Hyderabad based semiconductor company Ineda Systems comes into picture with its state-of-the-art System on Chips (SoC) integrated circuits and software specifically designed for IoT devices.

Products Offered

Founded in 2010 by Balaji Kanigicherla (Founder & CEO), Ineda works exclusively in the area of low-power SoC development, architecture and software that is necessary to design silicon and systems for IoT applications. Its SoCs are designed with the latest technologies and includes hierarchical computing, I/O virtualization, power management, always on sensing and multi-tasking capabilities. Based on the SoCs, Ineda provides two products named I3 and I7 which are specifically designed for IoT applications. Both the products are completely different from each other in terms of attributes, pricing and functionality. The I3 is for a microcontroller type application which is a jewel of an architecture requiring very low power and having very high security features from the normal micro controllers, whereas I7 is more like a Smartphone class processor with built-in graphics, video, camera, display, audio and many more which run on Linux or Android class platforms.

Standing Out in the Competition

With most of the companies providing repurposed chips intended for the phone and embedded applications as IoT chips, Ineda provides specific chips dedicated to perform for IoT applications regardless of the needs. These chips, unlike other chips in the market, are enabled to function along with full security. "The current lot of chips being used for the first generation IoT lack in basic security and cannot detect any intrusion, they have no upgrade capability, and no certification, with a lot of the security pieces missing, whereas our chips are security enabled, can protect data and enable certification," says Balaji. Focusing on the security, the SoCs manufactured by Ineda are loaded with latest security measures, are capable of regular updates and take necessary actions the moment they are under threat with measures like shutting down or alerting their user with signals.

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