LOMENT: Making Security Simplified

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, May 2, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Privacy and Security of all our communications email, SMS, messaging or file sharing has become a day-to-day topic of discussion after revelations of NSA surveillance by the U.S. government. Foreign governments and multi-national corporations (MNCs) were alarmed that all their private communications were being monitored. In India, individuals, corporations and many government institutions rely on Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and other such free services.
Recently, another topic of prime concern to corporations and business users is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which allows individual employees to own smartphone, tablet or laptop computers to access corporate networks. This created a new opportunity for MDM (Mobile Device Management) technologies. While MDM offers some protection of how users access and use information from corporate networks, it does not help in the face of surveillance, or information leaked through network services.

With these problems in mind, LOMENT developed three products that offer privacy and security of our communications: Peanut for Secure SMS and MMS, Walnut for Secure Email, and Cashew for Secure OTT (Over The Top) Messaging. Walnut and Cashew are supported over a wide range of devices including computers, tablets and smartphones.

“Our motto is ‘Security Simplified’. Thus all our products are easy to use and provide end-to-end, P2P or person-to-person security across all platforms,” says Dr. Venkata Majeti, Founder & CEO, LOMENT, one of the early contributors to Internet, DOCSIS as well as DSL Systems at Bell Labs, US Robotics and Westell prior to starting his first company.

Unlike others, LOMENT did not cut the corners, but they knuckled down to develop the vocabulary by studying the security needs of individuals and enterprise customers with a special focus on domains that need high security like defense, banking and healthcare. Hence, the vocabulary not only visualizes an organization’s critical security features like auto expiration, unique encryption & decryption, forward & backup restriction, restricted messages, remote wipeout, acknowledgement status, but also easy to use proprietary features like priority indication, password protection, access control & authorization, delivery confirmation, import-export, private contacts, notification alert and backup restore. “Collectively all these features represent a customer’s wish list for the protection of their communication in any form through any media,” adds Saikrishna Darbha, COO, India Operations at LOMENT.

LOMENT is shifting from product development to marketing and sales cycle. The heart of LOMENT’s marketing campaign is building the awareness through vivacious campaigning from social media, app stores and also targeted approach like emails that can reach individuals as well as specialty industries like accounting, BFSI (Banking & Financial Services), healthcare and others. Their campaign is geared up to make a stride in these verticals by filling the role of their current products. LOMENT’s easily adaptable products are enriched with better features that require same level user functionality for corporate uses that need secure communications on their new devices, be it computers, tablets or smartphones.

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