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Kobster.com: The B2B e-Commerce Pristine Redefining Workplace Culture

si Team
Friday, June 3, 2016
si Team
Indian organizations are never ignominious to advertise 'We are hiring - Male candidates are preferred' even today. Hammering such wicked conventions demands a brand new perception for any startup.But, Kobster.com a dedicated Indian B2B e-Commerce platform (once incubated at PayPal's prestigious Start-Tank-Programme)is a rebel for these 'gender-buyers'. The company carves its own leading lights from the workforce without any gender discriminations. Vineet Neeraj, Mohan Gayam & Karthik Ramaiah, Co-Founders of Kobster.com proudly states, "People working here will genuinely trust that there is gender equality. We do have a large number of female employees in key positions of our company, who lead the business course; in fact, which is something superior to the market plus HR policies we are providing".

A Cultured Extended-family

When you drill further on this mind-game policies and lean culture of this organization, you will find many simple-but-precious moral values filled-in, even in its hiring process. The company is always focused on fresher with untainted mind set and it has a strong belief in shaping them as prominent techies.In Kobster, the candidates are trailed with multiple interview processes to ensure that they are the right fit not only in terms of skill, but also in terms of culture. "We are never prejudice about any candidate's dexterity," proclaims Karthik.

Once they become a Kobsterian, the company let them do multi-tasking across the departments. This perspective along with the open culture followed within, set the perfect plot for the workforce to reap expertise and launch themselves in, and understand what actually the game is. On the other end, the HR team proclaims that, "Life at Kobster supports every one of us to live with self-direction. The ideal notion of Kobster is good Culture means Happy People"; happy people are more productive in life and we Kobsterians firmly believe that improvising our own ideas will help us to grow tremendously".

A Kobsterian is also entitled to crunch benefits such as electronic gadgets, internet connectivity, transport conveyance and medical insurance apart from other regular HR policies such as augmented Paternity & Maternity leave policies, personal loans and pick&drop facility. "We also incentivize our employees in terms of ESOP so that the employees get connected to the company for a long time," adds Vineet.

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