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INSZoom: Opportunity to Work Alongside Great Colleagues & Role Models

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, July 23, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Renowned for excelling in anticipating and meeting client's needs at a very high-level, INSZoom is the brainchild of Umesh Vaidyamath, who grew his vision into an idea, which generated an application. Launched with a handful of employees in 1999 (who are still with the company as product owners, product architects and key managers), INSZoom has today emerged into the leader in global mobility case management. The Bangalore-based company dominating the U.S. market retains its core values, being client-centric & exercising analytical vigour; committed to providing a superior product, support and consulting.

True Collaboration across All Levels

In the 100-strong company with a flat organizational structure, every Zoomer (INSZoom employee) is a knowledge member; meaning critical thinking, cross-dialogue and ideas are not exclusive to senior management. The combination of creativity and purpose yields the kind of results that reflect the company culture. For instance, INSZoom recently had a contest to design a T-shirt with its mantra 'Be Curious' which originated from playful staff banter during a team meeting. Moreover, to honor the objective of 'Customers First', the company has embraced continuous learning and the 'Kaizen' (change for better) principal; meaning driving change through knowledge sharing and collaborative activities, regardless of title. To this end, the company has implemented India-U.S. internal social media to share work updates, great news, testimonials, accomplishments and viewpoints.

INSZoom rewards and appreciates the efforts of all Zoomers at every level. I love INSZoom's open door policy and the way the recognition is given to each employee's contribution. I am proud to be associated with INSZoom almost for 6 years. INSZoom has given me an opportunity to get the exposure in all the areas of HR," says Priya Dembla, Human Resources - Manager, INSZoom.

Rewarding Excellence while having Fun

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