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KeyPoint Technologies: A Culture of Innovation, Collaboration & Fun

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Incepted in 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland, KeyPoint Technologies (KPT), leverages its extensive experience in natural language processing to make the entire human-machine dialogue as natural as possible. Combining artificial intelligence with linguistic science, KPT built Adaptxt, a next-generation text input platform providing highly contextual predictive text input applications that customizes suggestions based on locality and application (eg. informal for Whatsapp) among others. Thus far, Adaptxt has been downloaded by over 1.8 million users and embedded on almost 50 million devices through various OEMs. KPT recently launched patent pending Xploree, a user-initiated and hyper-contextual application that helps mobile users to instantly search and discover products and services in one tap across apps. Today with offices in Hyderabad, Tokyo, San Jose and Shanghai, the company stands tall as the market leader, thanks to its mature language databases and engines that supports over 136 languages including 25 Indic languages and 11 transliterated languages such as Hinglish, Banglish and others.

Secret to Employee Retention

"I have worked for KPT for almost 8 years now. Throughout this time, the company has given me a chance of promotion and development, both professionally and personally. Keypoint's open work culture makes people heard and comfortable, increasing their contribution to our product. The nature of what we do is all about team effort and that's the best part of my job - working with fun and interesting people", reminisces Daria Finnieston, Product Support and Linguistic Team Leader, KeyPoint Technologies, Glasgow. KPT acquired its first 3 employees, who were research scholars in Glasgow's university. They are still with the 120 people strong company, since they are passionate about the interesting work, appreciate the individual freedom to innovate and happy with the overall growth of the company and the industry.

"We scout for talent through social media, industry trade shows and campus interviews from leading institutes. After an extensive one year long training, freshers are placed in particular departments depending on their attitude and performance during training. Although qualification plays a major role, the utmost emphasis is laid on candidate's attitude, cultural background and ability to adapt to our culture, rather than functional expertise," explains Sunil Motaparti, CTO & Co-founder, KPT.

Promoting a Healthy, Positive & Fun Work Culture

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