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Indians Spend 1/4th of Internet Time on Networking Sites

SI Team
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
SI Team
The appeal of social networking sites in India seems to be hitting new highs every moment. According to the findings of a latest report from ComScore on top online sites and activities in India, the online population of India literally lives inside social networks, as it is revealed that more than 25 percent of the total time spent online was on social networking activities. Indians are most fond of Google sites such as YouTube as it turned out to be the destination of more than 95 percent of them with visitors spending an average of 2.5 hours.

Following Google closely are Facebook and Yahoo. Microsoft sites have finished the top four lists in the fourth position. Adding to it, many local websites have secured spots in the top 10 ranks.

Considering the engagement in websites, the difference was huge between the best of local brands and the topper, Facebook. People spent an average of four hours on Facebook in June, whereas Network 18's CNN-IBN, the local news leader, engaged people for an average 31.6 minutes during the month. In India, social networks have grown to be the prime driver of daily digital Media Consumption followed by the entertainment sites. The time spent on online retail shops in the country grew 0.5 percent and the trend is gaining momentum within the country.

However, the analysis covers just home and work PC Internet users and excludes public access computers, mobile devices and Internet cafes. Considering that mobile connections are expected to eclipse PC access in India this year, it is obvious that ComScore's metrics are taking in a shrinking percentage of overall usage. It is also a known fact that many mobile users will use their devices for social networking purposes only.
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